Division of Liberal & Creative Arts

The Division of Liberal & Creative Arts (DLCA) at St. Andrews University provides our students with 11 academic majors, 16 university programs, and countless opportunities to express their creative side.

Whether students choose to major in one of these programs or get a minor to round out their education, they’re sure to come away from the classes with a new perspective and new skills. As a liberal arts and sciences college, we see the value in creative and technical areas of study and believe it takes both to make a strong education. If you’d like to learn more about our liberal arts and creative programs, read more on this page or reach out to us for additional information.

The DLCA Mission Statement

The DLCA serves as a creative home for the St. Andrews community. Every one of our programs of study looks to investigate some of humanity’s most insightful learning and place it in action through our students. The programs encourage undergraduates to build a wide intellectual base with both traditional and emerging literacies, which will allow them to easily adapt in our rapidly-changing world. Our various courses under the DLCA umbrella foster innovative and exciting intellectual conversations among students, faculty, and the St. Andrews community as a whole. We strongly believe that a study of humanities, social sciences, and fine arts develops complete individuals with informed perspectives. Our program graduates become servant leaders in a range of careers and activities.

DLCA Departments

Within the DLCA, we offer numerous areas of academic studies, including:

Sponsored Curricular Programs and Activities

The DLCA plays an essential role in supporting university programs that are housed within its structure. These programs include: