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Visual Arts with a Concentration in Game Art & Design (B.A.)

Video games foster a mindset that sparks creativity

Imagine a career that is all about creating experiences that make people happy over and over again.

The B.A. program with a concentration in Game Art and Design teaches students the techniques and processes necessary to construct 2D and 3D art assets used in the creation of computer games. Students learn to model, sculpt, and texture both in traditional and electronic art media from beginner to advanced level.

SAU game arts student
Play Video about SAU game arts student

We are excited to be kicking off our Esports Team at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

Play Video about SAU game art student using software and 3D printer

This short video shows how Claire Hopson, class of 2017, uses 3D printing in her job with Syndaver. (Claire appears towards the end of the video.)

Inspire the imagination by using your own imagination

  • Curriculum includes using a current game engine to develop playable levels.

  • Students gain practical experience creating advanced character models, and building multiple layer textures.

  • Coursework covers lighting and rendering, character rigging, and animation.

Suggested Electives

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Introduction to Logic
  • College Physics I
  • Masterpieces of English Literature
  • Medieval Literature
Young woman developing video game art on computer

Career Opportunities

Ready to get in the game? With a B.A. in Visual Arts with a Concentration in Game Art and Design, you can.

3D Environment Artist

3D Medical Engineer

Character Animator

Game Tester

Level Designer

Texture Map Artist

If you have any questions about our visual arts with a concentration in studio art program, email Christopher McDavid.