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Writing Center

Introducing the Writing Center

The Writing Center operates on the 1st floor of DeTamble Library (sharing an office with Counseling). We offer one-on-one tutoring with student writing tutors to help you communicate clearly. The purpose of writing tutors is not to ‘fix’ your paper or anticipate how your instructor will grade the assignment, but to engage in a conversation about writing.

The tutors are trained to be patient, non-judgemental, and maintain privacy (i.e. your use of tutors will not be share with your classmates or instructor, unless requested). Tutoring sessions are offered primarily in person but can be conducted online. Tutors are available ‘on call’ to meet with students in the library or virtually by email correspondence or a Microsoft Teams meeting.

To contact the center, please email us at [email protected] or call 910-277-5023.

Get Help with Academic Integrity, Writing, and Citation

The Writing & Citing Guide was designed to help you become a better writer, practice academic integrity (i.e. avoid plagiarism), harness the power of auto-citation tools for quick citations, and learn citation styles (ex. APA, MLA) in-depth, if necessary. You can also receive personal help from the librarian or the Center for Academic Success. Click on the tabs below to learn more.


Master the art of academic writing & compose college-level research papers.



Practice academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism and giving credit where it’s due.



Use built-in tools in library databases to create citations in APA, MLA, & other styles



Get help with APA, MLA, & other citation tools used at St. Andrews.