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Introducing the St. Andrews Campus President

St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University, today announced that Dr. Tarun Malik has been appointed Campus President effective March 1st, 2023.  Dr. Malik holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, a Master of Science in Hospitality Administration, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.  His dissertation, College Success: First Year Seminar’s Effectiveness in Freshmen Academic and Social Integration, and Impact on Academic Achievement and Retention in a Southern Institution, addresses some of the same questions St. Andrews has been studying in recent years.  In a multi-decade

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Unlocking Mental Health Inclusion: The Benefits of AI in Promoting Emotional Well-being

At St. Andrews University, the majority of students that attend our university are college athletes which can add even more stress and damage to a student’s mental health. Our goal is to give students who are struggling with their mental health information on where to find free access points online to help them overcome the damage to mental health that comes with being a college athlete.

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A Journey of Dedication and Passion: Miss Hernandez’s Impactful Teaching

by Prof. Susan Johnson In the realm of education, the impact a teacher can have on students goes far beyond the classroom walls. Susan Johnson In the realm of education, the impact a teacher can have on students goes far beyond the classroom walls. Miss Hernandez, a dedicated educator with a passion for teaching, has not only left a lasting impression on her former professor, Susan Buie Johnson, but continues to inspire and nurture young minds, including Susan’s own son, Buie. From Student to Teacher: A Journey of Dedication: Miss

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Education professionals in a discussion

Solutionary Thinking

Hannah Waroway Have you ever wondered about how effective the American education system is in developing young adults to be problem-solving, forward-thinking members of society? Why are students labeled by their grades and not by the skills they have developed to think critically? When Martin Luther translated the Latin Bible, which at the time only priests could read and interpret, he found that commoners were illiterate. Thus, the initial and practical purpose of education emerged: to teach people how to read, write, and understand basic arithmetic so that they could

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Find Yourself at St. Andrews

Rev. Dr. Tim Verhey St Andrews, in keeping with its mission as a liberal arts college, has always prided itself on providing a “life transforming” educational experience. Until now, it has been a fairly informal process. Provide an excellent curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, a supportive environment, and the rest takes care of itself. Students develop a deeper understanding of themselves, the world, and their place in it. Then, by the time they graduate, they are ready not only to make a living, but also to make a difference. The ripple effects

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Swimming in Sync: Josh Dixon’s Journey from University Standout to Assurance Manager

In every corner of life’s journey, we find tales that inspire and celebrate the spirit of perseverance and achievement. The narrative of Josh Dixon, a proud alumnus of St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC, stands as a shining beacon of such triumphs. His journey is a testament to his professional and academic accomplishments and a love story, united in marriage with a fellow university alum, Triniti.

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When First-Year Students Met Horses

An Experiential Learning Journey at St. Andrews University The Union of Academics and Equestrian Excellence When one imagines a traditional classroom, the image that usually comes to mind is a room filled with chairs, a board, and perhaps a screen. However, Dr. Wayne Freeman, a business professor at St. Andrews, took the concept of an immersive learning environment to a new level with his Sage 125 class of first-year students. Instead of sticking to the confines of a building, he took the entire class to the university’s equestrian facility to

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Improving Online Learning: MBA Professors Share Best Practices at SoTL Conference

Get ready for some exciting news from St. Andrews Dr. Wayne Freeman and Dr. Chris Hitch, two notable MBA program professors who recently presented their research at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Commons International Conference in Savannah, Georgia. Their presentation, entitled “Constructivism and Asynchronous Learning: Ten Research-Based and Field-Tested Best Practices,” was exceptionally well received by the audience. Annually conducted at Georgia Southern University’s Faculty Center, the conference provides a unique opportunity to network and learn from other scholars. Drs. Freeman and Hitch centered their presentation on the

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