Transfer Credit Evaluation

The acceptance and evaluation of credit for transfer is based on various factors, including: the level, content, quality, comparability, and degree program relevance of the proposed transfer credits; the institution’s accreditation/licensure; and assessment of course equivalency through evaluation of the transcript.

Transfer credits are accepted from Accredited Institutions for appropriate courses which will pertain to the declared degree at Webber International University (Webber) or its Carolina branch, St. Andrews. Courses with grades considered for transfer must have a grade of “C” or better. Courses with any other grade other than a C will not be considered. Pass/Fail courses are not considered for transfer. Students who have earned an academic degree prior to attending Webber such as an AA, AS, BA, or BS may receive credit for a course with a grade of “D” if the course grade was earned within the degree. Course credits are transferred, but grades and quality points are not calculated in the GPA earned at Webber or its Carolina branch.

St. Andrews realizes that learning takes place in settings other than the traditional classroom and through other educational opportunities.  Such experiences may be evaluated for possible academic credit or Experiential Learning Credit (ELC). The University will evaluate and consider transfer credits from recognized testing agencies, following the minimum score recommendations of The American Council on Education (ACE), Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examinations Program (CLEP) and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) in accordance with recommendations from the American Council on Education and the Service Member Opportunity Colleges Program (SOC). The University recognizes and awards advanced credit for courses taken in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program following the minimum standards for college credit in that program. A maximum of 30 credit hours combined may be accepted through the programs including ACE, CLEP, AP/IB, and DANTES. All credits of the above-mentioned tests must be submitted to the University prior to enrolling at the University.***

*Health Science and Education Department Transfer Credits with licensure requirements, transfer credits, grades, and quality points will be calculated into the GPA earned for consideration of entrance into the program.

*Academic advisors and the registrar’s office are available to assist students with all transfer credit questions or concerns.

*St. Andrews is under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to accept academic credits of any institution except under reciprocal agreements.