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UKnighted for St. Andrews

$5 Million

Improved Facilities and Enhanced Student Experience

Capital Campaign

For more than 60-years, St. Andrews has been graduating young men and women with a solid liberal arts education – and graduates have been impacting their professions, families, and communities.  That education has been the result of the social, cultural, and academic environment on campus and in the local community.

Our community has imopacted us – and we have impacted our community and region through the years. We have hosted community events, provided a venue for dozens of sports camps, swimming lessons, academic competitions, early college program, and athletic tournaments. 

St. Andrews has a significant economic impact on this region. Boasting an annual payroll of almost $10 million, St. Andrews is a key part of the local economy – the overall economic impact exceeds $60 million annually.

St. Andrews bring hundreds of students and employees, thousands of visitors. Prospective students and their families, opposing sports teams and families, as well as Scottish cultural fans and genealogical researchers, supporting local businesses, creating jobs, raising awareness and opportunity for the region.  Hundreds of our graduates have remained here on the central NC/SC border region and making an impact by launching businesses, joining established companies, teaching in the classroom, starting and growing families.

Over the years, declining enrollment has resulted in declining revenue. Declining revenue has led to deferred maintenance and no capital improvements.  After two major hurricanes and the flooding that came along with them, our facilities have significantly degraded.

Recently, however, we have seen increasing enrollment and increasing revenue.  This year student retention is the highest on record.  These are positive signs that we are moving in the right direction.

But to continue this positive momentum we must improve our infrastructure – and it starts with Belk – the center of daily student life.  Facility improvements are essential to sustain our enrollment and retention.

A kitchen will save us 30-40% on food costs, repair the major casualty from the hurricanes, improve morale, and enhance the student experience.

In order to operate and house residential students, we require an operational dining facility.  Students also require a useful recreation space in Belk – a replacement for “Farrago” which has also been out of operation in recent years.

With your help, we can accomplish this and build Belk back even better.

Support the Campaign

$5,000,000 by December 31, 2025 

Renovate Belk

Capital Campaign - $5,000,000
Belk Renovations 5%
St Andrews is UKnighted for our future. Since March of 2023, enrollment has increased to pre-pandemic levels, retention is up over 11%, and operating budget is in a surplus for first time in many years. St. Andrews has also positioned itself to be a major contributor to the local NC/SC economy.
Yet, there is still work to be done.
St. Andrews is UKnighted for our students. To help mitigate the expense of higher education, St. Andrews spends $10 Million per year towards student scholarships. Purely done for the benefit of our students but at a cost to the health of our institution. We focused most of our attention on people rather than the facilities that shelter us. Facilities that can be equally important to students as financial aid is.
St. Andrews is UKnighted for our mission. A mission to offer students programs of study that will create life transforming opportunities with special emphasis on communication and critical thinking skills. Skills that have always stood out in our alumni and is the foundation of our institution. We ask that you help reinforce this mission.
Those of us who have been impacted by this institution are UKnighted for St. Andrews. The home of over 12,000 alumni and those who served along the way. A place where one finds themself. Where all are welcome and encouraged to make their mark. A critical place backed by love, and not hate. A place that can’t be re-created; whose history won’t be forgotten.


The Reality of Belk Dining

Proposed Drawings and Design

"SAU fostered an environment where I could build meaningful relationships with professors, classmates, and teammates, and grow as an individual. The work ethic I gained while attending SAU has shaped me into a community leader who takes pride in the work that I do.”
Nate Blackwell
Class of 2020 Graduate
"It was at St. Andrews that I found my vocational callings and I have never regretted the course that I was set upon during those formative years. May St. Andrews continue to grow, flourish and be the lighted path to many others, that it was to me."
Tom Woodle
Class of 1976 Graduate