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Orientation Information

On behalf of the entire Orientation team, welcome to the St. Andrews community!

The following resources will help you understand when you should plan to arrive on campus for the new semester as well as what processes and events will take place once you arrive.  We ask that you carefully review the New Semester Check In and New Semester Orientation schedule, especially the sections referring to your specific campus arrival date and time. 

Students who are required to be on campus prior to that date (pre-season fall athletics and equestrians) will be notified of their expected arrival date by coaches, supervisors, and/or Admissions staff members.

The structure and flow of this schedule has been planned with the intention of getting you welcomed in, checked-in, and settled into Knight Nation as smoothly as possible prior to the first day of classes!  The various events planned will kick off your new journey of discovery and success by:

Learning how to navigate the academic and social transitions of university life

  • Meeting new people and getting involved on campus
  • Finding campus resources and support services

Before you arrive on campus for Orientation, it is important that you have completed what we call the “Clearance” process. You will receive information regarding clearance via mail, email, phone, and social media. To avoid lines on your Check-in Day, please complete as much of this process as possible prior to your arrival.  To assist with this we do require all new students to attend either our Accepted Student Day event or New Student Summer Orientation.  You can register to attend one of these events on the

The following offices require clearance:

Admissions910-277-5555[email protected]
Business Office910-277-5225[email protected]
Financial Aid910-277-5778[email protected]
Health & Wellness910-277-5040[email protected]
Housing and Residence Life910-277-5409[email protected]

Required Housing, Health & Wellness, Insurance, etc. forms can be found here.

Orientation Leaders (OLs), academic advisors, faculty and staff members, Residence Life, and Student Affairs staff, as well as many others, will be here to assist you throughout your transition.

If you have any questions regarding Orientation, please contact 910-277-5555

Information for Parents/Family Members

We understand that getting away from work and family responsibilities to bring students to Orientation during the week can be difficult. While all students are required to attend Orientation, parent/family member programs are recommended but not mandatory.