St. Andrews Equine Retirees

Finding Homes for Our Equine Retirees

The horses of our equine program serve many years in the stables and the fields of our 300+ acre grounds. However, just like humans, horses age, and at some point, they need to retire from our program and enjoy the remaining years of their life taking it easy.

Our equine retirees need a loving home where they can get the care they need. We work hard to find suitable retirement homes for all of our equine partners. They’ve provided our school and students with years of service, and we want to ensure their taken care of after all of their hard work. If you’re interested in homing one of our retirees, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Our Retirees Make Great Companion Animals

Our equine programs allow students to interact one-on-one with the horses at our facility, building a bond with them as they learn, compete, and develop skills together. After years of working hard, many of the horses in our program require a slower pace. The majority of our retirees are still able to work at some level, just not as hard as our rigorous programs demand. In these cases, we look for homes where the horses can enjoy a slower pace while still doing some riding and other activities. In other cases, our retired horses are ready for some strict rest and relaxation. These horses make excellent companion animals.

Contact the Equine Department Today

If you’re interested in accepting a St. Andrews horse in retirement, you are required to meet certain qualifications. We want to be sure our retirees will be well-cared for and will have the proper amenities to keep them safe. We do require all applicants to provide photos of the facility where the horse will live and will do our best to match the right horse with you. Every retiree will require a different level of care based on their current state of health. We’ll fully educate you on the needs of your horse before we place it with you. Get in touch with our equine department today to learn more about our retiree program.