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Accepted Students

Congratulations on being accepted into St. Andrews University!
Welcome to Knight Nation!

Before you start your first day of classes as a Knight, you have a few items for you to complete.  

1. Send in your Enrollment Deposit

Your deposit secures your spot for your entering semester. This can be paid via card over the phone (910-277-5555) or online, via check in the mail, or via cash in person. Deposits are refundable until May 1st for Fall applicants and refundable until October 1st for Spring applicants.

2. File your FAFSA® – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid assists students in financing their education. At St. Andrews, we have a wonderful Financial Aid Office on campus to assist you during this process, and after you’ve been awarded. Our FAFSA code is: 001540 (will appear as Webber International).

Need help with the FAFSA?  Join us for FAFSA Friday on June 14th at 12:30 pm. 

Financial Aid Contact Information: (910) 277 – 5778(910) 277 – 5206 (Fax), [email protected]

Note: This is the FREE application for Federal Student Aid. If prompted to pay for this service, you’re on the wrong website.

After You Have Deposited, and made that next step in your educational journey, here are your required forms to fill out and additional resources to utilize within your first year.

1. Attend an New Student Orientation Event

Participation in Orientation helps new students prepare for their time at St. Andrews by laying a strong foundation for their university experience. All new students (first year and transfer) are required to attend either Accepted Student Day or a New Student Summer Orientation Day.  During these events they will be able to meet with departments such as Financial Aid, Business, Academic Advising, Health & Wellness, Housing, and more.   Please click a date below and register for your preferred event date.  

Fall 2024 Summer Orientation Day: 

Friday, June 21st at 10:00 am 

Friday, July 12th at 10:00 am

After attending one of these events,  you will have access to your SAU email, student portal and Moodle. Once you have your log in, make sure to sign in and start checking your email for updates! If you do not have access to your SAU email, or have any complications, please direct all questions to Computer Services

Information for Parents/Family Members

We understand that getting away from work and family responsibilities to bring students to Orientation during the week can be difficult. While all students are required to attend one event, parents/family member programs are recommended but not mandatory.

To see when you should plan to arrive on campus to Move-In and Orientation for the new semester click Fall 2024 Move-In and Orientation Schedule

Virtual Orientation Sessions are available for students who are not able to make it to campus.  Here are the dates:

Monday, June 17th at 4:00 pm EST 

2. Submit your required Health & Wellness Forms

Medical exemptions for required immunizations can only be granted upon submission of either a

  • Medical Exemption Statement (DHHS 3987), or

  • Physicians Request for Medical Exemption (DHHS 3995).

Both of these exemptions require a signature by a Physician in North Carolina. These forms can be found on the Immunize NC website. The Medical Exemption form(s) must be submitted with the SAU North Carolina Required Immunization form. In addition, information regarding Religious exemptions for required immunizations can be found on the North Carolina DPH website: NC DPH, WCH: Immunization: Schools and Childcare Facilities ( If you would like to notify us of any additional health concerns, please contact Robin Lea or Susan Johnson.


To be completed by your Physician and scanned to [email protected].


3. Complete HIPAA & FERPA Consent Forms

To be renewed annually, or at any time when requested by the student.

To be completed before the start of your first semester. What is FERPA?

4. Fill out the New Student Housing Contract


This form is for students who are commuting to our Laurinburg, NC campus and must be approved by Dean of Students.

We do encourage students to have rental insurance when living in the halls:

5. Submit All Transferable Credits and Fill out Academic Interest Survey

Submit records of all IB, AP, or College Credit courses to the SAU Registrar as early as possible to ensure your credits are accounted for before class registration.

In order to help your Advisor best serve you while creating your schedule, please complete the survey below. This will allow your Advisor to contact you with an introduction and answer any questions you may have about the upcoming semester class schedule.

6. Get a SAU Parking Pass Through our Vehicle Registration

Update info on your Registration. It’s important to keep the information on your registration current and accurate.

Must be completed if you’re planning on bringing a vehicle to campus.


7. Enroll or Waive our Student Insurance and Set Up an Optional Payment Plan with Nelnet

All degree seeking students are required to have insurance as we recognize that the financial and physical burden from accident or illness might force students to end their academic careers. Beginning on July 1st, you can accept or waive the insurance by visiting Student Blue and selecting St. Andrews. If you do not waive, you will automatically be enrolled into student insurance. The deadline to enroll or waive the coverage is September. 

Students have the opportunity to set up a payment plan through Nelnet. Nelnet payment plans can be activated starting in May. 

  • Annual: $35 | Fall, Spring, Summer: $25  nonrefundable enrollment fee per agreement 
  • $30 nonrefundable returned payment fee if a payment is returned

All questions regarding payment plan options through Nelnet can be sent to the SAU Business Office at [email protected], 910-277-5222).

If you have any questions or difficulties in the process, please contact the Business Office at 910-277-5230 or [email protected].

Do you Require Disability Services?


Academic accommodations are available to all students at St. Andrews who have documented disabilities. Our disability services meet the requirements of Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related laws and are determined based on appropriate documentation.

Do You, or Your Family, Have a History of Military Service?


SAU encourages all prospective students that are a part of a military household and/ or are a Veteran to explore the SAU military information page and learn more about possible financial transfer benefits.