Computer Services

Computer Services Staff

Brock Brayboy
Director of Information Technology
[email protected]

Juliet L. Hatmaker
Moodle Administrator & IT Coordinator
[email protected]

Need Help Logging In?

If you cannot log in to your student/employee email or your Moodle account, please email [email protected] or call 910-277-5016 so an administrator can assist you.

If you bring your phone or laptop into Computer Services, located in the LA Building, someone can assist you with getting your email and Moodle accounts set up and logged into.

Account Information

Your username and password will log you in to the following:

  • Student Email
  • Campus computers

In order to log in to Moodle, you must log into your student email on the browser you are using to access Moodle and follow the instructions on Moodle’s homepage to navigate to the OpenID Connect button. Students are not currently able to sign in by entering their username and password, you must use the quick access button.

Microsoft 365 and File Storage

Your student account comes with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft OneDrive, we encourage you to use these cloud based tools while you are learning here at St.Andrew’s. However, please be aware that access to these softwares and the files stored within them will go away when you are no longer a student, so please do not save critical information to your OneDrive without backing it up somewhere else.

In addition, we do not recommend using USB Flash Drives to transfer files between personal and campus computers as we are considering disallowing their use on campus computers to minimize cybersecurity risks.

Antivirus Software

Please protect yourself, your devices, and your critical information by installing a free or paid-for anti-virus software. If you are unsure what to use, Computer Services recommends using Malwarebytes which has a free 14-day trial. Malwarebytes has editions for both Windows and MacOS.

Wireless Connections

Most places on campus have wireless access available for students via the ‘SAU Students’ network. If you are staff or student and need access to the wifi, please email [email protected].

Please note that wireless routers and/or modems are not allowed in the dorms. If we disconnect connectivity to your dorm room and if there are repeat offenses, we will confiscate the offending equipment.

Fraudulent Email and Spam Awareness

While Computer Services does everything we can to prevent it, sometimes accounts within the system can become compromised and will send out fraudulent emails in an attempt to gain access to more accounts to scam or cause general mayhem with.

Things to be on the lookout for:

  • Emails that are not written in English
  • Emails asking you to verify your account information
  • Emails about jobs or internships that seem too good to be true
  • Emails attempting to give you free money
  • Emails trying to sell things
  • Emails impersonating governing bodies, authority figures, or the IT Department

Some tips if you think an email might be fraudulent:

  • Wait 24 hours. Usually someone will send out an email alerting everyone of the fraudulent email or scam within that time frame.
  • Contact a staff or faculty member to ask if it is a legit email. Look at the sender’s address. If it looks like someone mashed their keyboard, it’s likely not legit.
  • Did the email get sent multiple times? It is almost always a scam if the same exact email was sent out multiple times.

If you believe your account is compromised:

Contact BOTH [email protected] and [email protected] so your account can be temporarily locked to contain the threat and then we will work with you to change your password and resecure your account before opening it back up again. PLEASE DON’T WAIT.