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Admissions Requirements

Undergraduate Students

St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University, is a rolling admissions university. We welcome applicants to submit their applications to the university.

Students are notified of admission as their files are completed and decisions are made. A successful St. Andrews student has a strong academic background, a record of involvement in co-curricular activities and a strong desire to contribute to the campus community. Please follow the links below for essential information about the St. Andrews undergraduate admissions process! We look forward to receiving your application!

Graduate Students

With small classes, our online graduate programs focus on the interdisciplinary nature of either business or education. The two Masters programs offered at St. Andrews are a Masters of Business Administration or a Masters of Education.

At St. Andrews, our Masters program is designed to be personal, convenient, flexible, and affordable. We want students to feel supported instead of stressed as they try to further their education. Classes are taught online to meet your busy schedule.

graduate students talking outside

International Students

St. Andrews welcomes international students to join its campus. We have a long history of international students attending St. Andrews, as well as, a strong study abroad program.

At St. Andrews you experience close relationships with your professors who know you by name. St. Andrews appreciates and respects world cultures. Five percent of our student body comes from 26 different countries each year.

St. Andrews Online

Whether taking classes on campus or online, our mission is the same, to provide each student with the resources and learning opportunities necessary to acquire the skills, knowledge, and qualifications for a lifetime of success.

Useful Links

Adult Learners

The Sandhills Program of St. Andrews allows “nontraditional” students the opportunity to finish their college education through evening classes without disrupting a career or family life.

Programs include the Bachelor of Arts in Education with a concentration in Elementary Education; and courses leading to Teacher Licensure. In addition, St. Andrews now offers complete programs in Special Education and Middle Grades Education.

Also available are the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies. Classes are held in the evening, Monday-Thursday, on the campus of Sandhills Community College. Based on needs, and in consultation with advisors, students may enroll in classes through The Sandhills Program, St. Andrews online, and on the main campus in Laurinburg (day classes).