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Sports Management (B.A.)

Turn Your Passion for Sports into a Career

Gain the skills you need to work with the business side of professional or collegiate sports business teams and more when you earn a business degree with a specialized program of study in sport management. You’ll get a well-rounded education to give you a competitive edge when job hunting.

There is a growing need for professionals in the sports industry who can adapt to an increasingly globalized and technological environment.

The B.A. program in Sports Management is built on a solid business core and explores the unique aspects of sports promotion, sports information and media, and facilities and event management. An academic advisor guides students in choosing electives, as well as campus and community activities that match their interests and round out their liberal arts education.

Sports has the power to connect across the globe.

Program Outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge in the area of sports and venue management.  
  • Financial and Accounting aspects of sports management. 
  • Apply administrative skills, knowledge, understanding of planning, and organizing sporting events.  
  • An understanding of fundamentals of business law and risk management as it relates to sports. 
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors, consistent with existing codes of conduct, laws and regulations. 
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Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelors of Business Administration with specialization program can purse a wide range of career paths including: 

Sport Management



Sports League Manager

Personal Trainer

Sports Writer

Sporting Event Planner

Sports Venue Management