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Business Administration (B.A.)

Business is at the core of nearly every industry

And nearly every industry relies on the skills of people who understand how to navigate in the business world.

The B.A. program in Business Administration focuses on teaching students core business principles including developing business plans, conducting market analysis, creating ad campaigns, marketing strategies and more. Upon completion of core business curriculum, students will choose a specific concentration in one of five areas of study – accounting, economics, finance, management or marketing.

Passion. Dedication. Business.

Students may also choose to pursue four other specializations within the Business Administration B.A program available at varying campus locations

Bring flexibility to your future with a B.A. in Business Administration

Graduates of the Business Administration program can apply their education and skills to just about any industry.

Program Highlights:

  • Flexible degree you can take to most industries
  • Hands-on experience in realistic business settings.
  • Dedicated support and assistance for career placement
  • Program faculty and advisers with extensive business experience
young businesswoman with pencil pointing at screen

Career Opportunities

There are few limitations on what you can do with a B.A. in Business Administration. Graduates can seek employment in most industries in a wide range of roles including:


Marketing Manager

Financial Analyst

Human Resources Specialist

Sports Operations Manager

Business Consultant

Healthcare Management

Operations Manager

Fall Classes Start Tuesday, Aug. 27th!