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Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.)

Your Education, Designed Your Way

Do you have an interest, passion, or professional goal that doesn’t fit neatly into one particular major? Are you self-directed and want to follow your own, unique educational path? Do you enjoy looking at things from different perspectives and thinking outside the box? Then an Interdisciplinary Studies major might be for you!

  • The B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with the opportunity to develop their own course of study organized around a personal interest or professional goal that is not easily captured within a single academic discipline. It allows students to explore and appreciate the ways in which diverse disciplines, schools of thought, modes of inquiry, and cultures fit into the rich fabric of human life and purpose in the world. Students who select an Interdisciplinary Studies major have the opportunity to develop a well-rounded understanding of a particular topic, question, or goal through progressively advanced study in several disciplines, rather than a single one.
  • Students have two options for pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Studies: an individualized, self-designed program of study or the faculty designed Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy.

The individualized program of study allows students to design their own (contract) major, under the guidance of faculty mentors, that allows them to investigate a topic or concern of their own choosing. Here is how you can get started:

The sky is the limit. What is interesting to you? What burning question do have that you find yourself thinking about frequently? What personal or professional goals do you have that you want to explore? What topic or theme gets you excited?

Again, the sky is the limit! You can bring any three disciplines into your individualized interdisciplinary studies major, from Biology to Business, from Philosophy to Psychology, from English to Equestrian Studies. Perhaps you are interested in environmental sustainability and want to understand the science behind it, the ethical issues involved in it, and the economic  consequences of it. You could choose Biology, Economics, and Philosophy as your three disciplines. Be creative!

While this is an individualized program of study, you are not left on your own. You will have a faculty mentor who will help you design your major, select the appropriate courses, deal with whatever issues arise are you pursue it, and stay on track for graduation. The faculty mentor will serve as your academic advisor and must be from one of the disciplines you have selected for your interdisciplinary studies major.

It should include the following parts:

1) a description of your individualized interdisciplinary major;
2) a set of three to five learning outcomes; and
3) a list of courses from three different disciplines relevant to your course of study.

  1. Your faculty mentor;
  2. A second faculty member representing one of the other two disciplines in your IDS major; and
  3. The Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department.

Hands-on Heroes of Healing

The Interdisciplinary Studies program also offers students the option to pursue a faculty-designed concentration in the Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Designed for students who wish to apply to graduate school for physical therapy, the degree features three interdisciplinary concentrations in the life sciences, physical sciences, and healthcare administration and includes courses developed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), and the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) as pre-requisites for students entering a graduate DPT program.

Built-in Passion for the Program

Being in the driver’s seat of developing your future means you get to decide what that future looks like.

Program features:

  • A program made up from different disciplines that you choose based on your interests.
  • Well-rounded education in a liberal art setting with a team of supportive instructors and advisors.
  • Depth of knowledge and understanding gained through progressively advanced study in several disciplines, rather than in a single discipline.
  • Lifetime career placement assistance.
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Career Opportunities

Transform Your Future with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies  

When you’ve designed your education to suit your goals, your future career options are up to you. Some career options for Interdisciplinary Studies program graduates include:



Admissions Counselor

Environmental Activist


Public Relations Specialist


Non-profit Manager