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English & Creative Writing
(B.A. or B.F.A.)

Literature as a Pathway to Creative Thinking and Empathy

To follow the pathway of a major in English and Creative Writing is to engage in an understanding of literature as an expression of human values and experiences, to foster an appreciation of the English language as a vehicle for imaginative, informative, and persuasive expression, to develop skills of expository and creative expression, critical and analytical reading, and to cultivate an empathetic and cultural awareness necessary in a global community.

The major offers students a course of study with a literature concentration (B.A.) which emphasizes central authors, movements, and literary genres while exploring contemporary issues. Alternately, the writing concentration in the major (B.F.A.) prepares students to enjoy the art and craft of imaginative writing as a fulfilling vocation or avocation through a rich exposure to the genres of poetry, fiction, drama, and narrative nonfiction.

“Studying English is such a valuable practice for an undergraduate! Written and oral communication are essential to every job, every field, every location, and every situation. A student fortunate enough to choose English as a major will likely find ways to be useful after college no matter what path he or she pursues next.

At St. Andrews University, English is both a program and an experience. The professors are witty, well-read, and prepared to challenge the student to think in ways he or she has not thought before. The coursework encourages creativity and development. I feel prepared to fall into any scenario in the work force with the ability to think critically and communicate my ideas to others.”

Travis Grooms
Class of 2016

“I didn’t come to St. Andrews specifically pursuing English. I took a number of different courses in the major and each led to an increasing interest in literature. There was something unique about the classes that introduced the variety of text, discussion, and writing in an innovative and engaging way. It was immediately apparent that each professor felt a genuine passion for their respected expertise and that encouraged me to be involved in class. The English program over my four years opened avenues in ways I never expected. I was guided in refining my writing, communicating, orating, and analyzing skills. I gained a confidence in these skills that became invaluable as I settled into my post-graduate endeavors. I didn’t fully realize how thankful I would be to fall into this major until after I left St. Andrews and looked back on what I gained.”

Irina Vogt
Class of 2017

Words Have Power

Students are immersed in the power of words through extensive reading, writing, research, and discussion. Graduates complete the program with an understanding of how to apply that power to their chosen career. Program features:

  • 10 to 1 student to faculty ratio for individualized instruction
  • Lifetime career placement assistance
  • Courses exploring contemporary topics and issues through literature
  • Practical experience through assisting in classroom instruction, research projects, and the Writing Center
  • Opportunity to gain valuable experience working in the St. Andrews University Press Office

  • Opportunity to edit Gravity Hill, the campus arts magazine

young man looking at book in the library

Career Opportunities

 Where can you do with a B.A. or a B.F.A. in English and Creative Writing?

An English and Creative Writing degree can prepare you for professional schools such as law school.

All industries have a need for employees with exceptional communication skills. With a B.A. or a B.F.A. in English and Creative Writing, graduates can look for employment as:




Journalists / Reporters

Human Resource Leaders

Editors for Print or Online Publications