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Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Organizational Learning & Innovation

Organizational Learning & Innovation are Not Just Assets, but Necessities!

In today’s fast-paced world, where technological change and global challenges demand agile responses, the capacity of organizations to evolve through learning and innovation is not just an asset but a necessity. The MBA in Organizational Learning and Innovation responds to the critical need for leaders who can bridge the gap between traditional business practices and the dynamic fields of educational theory and applied neuroscience.

The application of research in organizational settings, and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving, this program is distinctly positioned to prepare leaders who can implement effective learning strategies and foster innovation. This  interdisciplinary approach equips students to tackle complex organizational challenges with innovative solutions, driving change and leveraging the potential of organizational learning to achieve strategic objectives.

Foster Innovative and Learning-Centric Organization Cultures

Completing the MBA specialization in Organizational learning & Innovation requires completing 36 graduate-level hours, as described below. Each class is 3 credit hours.


  • MBA 610: Information Systems for Management Decisions
  • MAE 600: Leadership, Coaching, and Change
  • MAE 609: Organizations that Learn: Integrating Research and Practice
  • MBA 688: Human Behavior in Organizations 



  • MBA 636: Quantitative Research Methods for Business
  • MBA 650: Topics in Legal/Ethical Environment of Business
  • MBA 647: Innovation, New Products & Services, & E-Commerce
  • MBA 662: Financial Decision Making



  • MAE 603 Creative Problem-Solving Through Interdisciplinary Design
  • MBA 691: Practicum I 
  • MBA 690: Strategic Thinking in Organizations
  • MBA 692: Practicum II

Career Opportunities

Transform Your Future with an M.B.A.  

When you’ve designed your education to suit your goals, your future career options are up to you. Some career options for Masters of Business Administration program graduates include:

Business Operations Manager

Financial Manager

Human Resources Manager

Marketing Manager

Information Technology (IT) Manager

Management Consultant

Medical & Health Services Manager