Imagine the future while studying the past!

History majors and minors learn to be objective information evaluators with strong, creative critical thinking and writing skills. The St. Andrews History faculty helps students prepare for professional development and for careers outside the profession. We believe history holds an indispensable role in undergraduate education and provides a foundation for a variety of careers.


Historical renactment

2017 Martin Luther King Day Celebration


History leads to career success.

You’ll be surprised how many careers connect to a history major. Consider this partial list of careers where a history major or minor serves as the foundation. We have graduates in all of these:

  • Business
  • Conservation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Foreign Service
  • Government Intelligence
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Services
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Military
  • Politics
  • Public History
  • Public Service
  • Religion
  • Researcher
  • Teaching
  • Urban Planning
  • Web Design
  • Writer/Editor


“Being a history major taught me to challenge my own beliefs and preconceptions.” ~ Martin Kreshon ’08, Lawyer

“Studying history at St. Andrews will immerse you in the crucial skills of research and writing, as well as hands-on projects, while challenging you to make your own creative mark.”  ~ Stuart Marshall ’16, Graduate Student UNC-Greensboro. Stuart is seen here speaking at Commencement in 2016.

“Choosing to major in history at St. Andrews was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. Majoring in history taught me essential skills and made me ready for any given situation. It made me a smarter, quicker, more articulate and more informed citizen.

I am beyond satisfied with the education I received as a history major at St. Andrews, and I am pleased to say my history degree has empowered me to serve my country in the Peace Corps (Ethiopia), and I am now accepting scholarship offers from law schools at Wake Forest, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and William & Mary. History is an all-encompassing field of study that shaped me into the careful, informed, successful person I am today.”~ Blair Garnett ‘10


Studying history…

  • Reveals how we have come to live in our contemporary world.
  • Examines the whole spectrum of human experience.
  • Provides a wide range of different methods and perspectives to develop meaning around human actions.
  • Helps you learn the critical thinking practices most demanded across most post-undergraduate careers.
  • Puts you in powerful company. Leaders from every part of the American society can point to their undergraduate history or politics major as the foundation for their success.


History is the prevailing discipline for success across the widest range of careers and lifestyles!

  • During the last fifteen years the St. Andrews history program has placed 95% of its graduates who applied to graduate school in their first choice.
  • 97% of majors who sought employment after graduation found a first job within a year of graduation.


Specialization and Personal Development

  • Faculty members take a personal interest in your success.
  • The programs of study in history are flexible. Students can develop contract majors, double major, or add a complementary minor such as Communication Studies.
  • History faculty create an effective course of study for each individual, designed with consideration of fundamental abilities, career goals, and a broad, liberal arts education.
  • This personal attention helps our majors meet the high standards expected of effective scholarship in a supportive and open environment.

Topics WWI: Students presenting projects for designing museum displays on gas warfare. The group designed a walk-through trench which would contain informational posters and demonstrate how to quickly put on a gas mask. 

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