Department of Interdisciplinary Studies


Mission: Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

In support of the mission of the University, the purpose of the interdisciplinary studies major is to permit students to profit from the study of the full breadth of a liberal arts and sciences curriculum, as an end in itself as well as to complement and provide a context for the study of a particular discipline. The major may draw on courses in the natural and health sciences, mathematics, fine arts, humanities, and the social sciences. It allows students to explore and appreciate the ways in which diverse disciplines, schools of thought, modes of inquiry, and cultures fit into the rich fabric of human nature and self-expression. Intellectual, cultural, social, political, scientific, artistic, literacy, and religious interactions and influences within a given era and from age to age are studied. Depth of knowledge and understanding is gained through progressively advanced study in several disciplines, rather than in a single discipline.

Learning Outcomes: Interdisciplinary Studies

The major Interdisciplinary Studies is a contract major, constructed by the students in consultation with their advisors, and subject to the approval of their respective coordinators. Learning outcomes and a statement of purpose are developed for each individual contract.

Major in Interdisciplinary Studies    45-56 credits required

A student has two options for pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Studies:

The student may choose to pursue a faculty-designed program of study, such as Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy, which has already been approved by a Department Chair and the Curriculum and Assessment Committee; or if a student selects the individualized option,

(a) the will secure the agreement of a faculty member from one of the proposed disciplines to serve as lead advisor;
(b) in consultation with the lead advisor, a proposed program of study including learning outcomes and a specific list of courses is developed around a unifying theme or concept;
(c) the agreement of faculty in the other participating disciplines is secured;
(d) the review and approval of the Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies is secured.


The contract may include X99 Guided Independent Studies courses, X98 Research Practical, and X95 Internships. Internships are strongly suggested. The major in Interdisciplinary Studies at St. Andrews may not be combined with any other major or minor.


Basic Requirements for Student-Initiated Interdisciplinary Studies Major (45-46 credits)

Required Courses

Approved courses from the First Academic Discipline 12 credits minimum
Approved Courses from the Second Academic Discipline 12 credits minimum
Approved Courses from the Third Academic Discipline 6 credits minimum

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