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Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in another subject can use a marketing minor to gain fundamental knowledge of marketing concepts, including how to promote products, communicate effectively, conduct marketing research, and develop marketing campaigns. Those who are interested in marketing but are unsure if they want to make it their major, may benefit from making marketing their minor. Marketing minors complement a variety of majors since they provide knowledge you can apply across industries. In certain cases, this may be helpful for obtaining a job after graduation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge in the discipline: Students will demonstrate a competent understanding of theories, concepts, and subjects in the minor.
  2. Critical thinking skills: Students will demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information relevant to the disciplines of the minor.

*The Marketing minor is available only to the non-business major. 18 Credits are Required*

Required Courses 12 credits

BUS 100 Introduction to Business and Economics 3 credits

BUS 221 Marketing Principles 3 credits

BUS 322 Advertising & Promotion Management 3 credits

BUS 323 Social Media Marketing 3 credits

Additional Requirements 6 credits Choose two (2) courses from the following:

HSA 370 Healthcare Marketing 3 credits

SPM 260 Introduction to Sport Marketing 3 credits

SPM 320 Sport Communication & social media 3 credits

BUS 422 International Marketing Management 3 credits

BUS 421 Strategic Marketing Management 3 credits

COM 227 Topics in Communication: Digital Persona 3 credits

COM 327 Topics in Communication: Digital Storytelling 3 credits