The St. Andrews Middle Grades Teacher Education Program prepares candidates to teach adolescents in grades 6-9.  Using current research and data regarding adolescent learners, candidates will develop the knowledge, skill and dispositions necessary to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for middle grades students via the general education curriculum. The Middle Grades Education pre-service candidates will show evidence of skills for leading students towards participation in society and toward careers.  The program is designed to help pre-service teachers expand middle grades learner skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem solving using a highly integrated approach to presenting the curriculum objectives.

They will develop an awareness and competency in applying basic principles of curriculum planning and implement them according to the diverse needs of students within the middle school setting. Pre-service teachers will participate in a variety of field experiences within the middle school and will habitually reflect on these experiences as a basis for decision-making and professional growth.  Candidates will demonstrate the use of technological tools both for planning, instruction and assessing, as well as the skills of data management.  These future teachers will explore the structure of the school as an institution and will learn skills in professional collaboration and leadership.

Program Requirements
Professional Studies (required of all education majors)
PSY 220:   Child and Adolescent Development (3) F, S, SS
EDU 236:  Technology for Educators (3) F, SS
EDU 250:  Education, Culture & Diversity (3) F, S
EDU 310:  Curriculum and Instruction (3) F
EDU 324:  Educational Psychology (3) S, SS
EDU 355:  The Exceptional Child (3) S, SS
EDU 352:  Teachers as Leaders (3) F ***

21 Credit Hours

***GPA of 2.5, program application, recommendations, interview, and passing scores on the Praxis I Tests is required for formal admittance in to the Teacher Education Program.

EDU 319: Literature for Children and Youth
EDU 303: Integrated Content Methods for Middle/Secondary Grades (6) ***
EDU 390: Foundations for Teaching Social Studies
EDU 322: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas***
EDU 302: Research and Analysis MG***
SPD 314: Differentiated Instruction***

21 Credit Hours

**A grade of “2.75” or above is required for all Professional Pedagogical Courses.
***Must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

An Academic Concentration (24hours) is required in one of the following four subject areas relevant to K-12 grades classroom:

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Professional Applications
EDU 344:  Classroom Management (2) (independent, online)
EDU 423:  Student Teaching (10) ***
EDU 425:  Student Teaching Senior Seminar (2) ***

14 Credit Hours

Total Program Hours: 56 plus the 24 academic credit hours and required general education hours for a minimum of 120 credit hours.