MBA Curriculum

Enhance Your Success through Engaged Learning

The mission of the St. Andrews’ Graduate Program in Business is to provide an MBA Program which focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of business practices. Through the faculty’s synthesis of contemporary academic and applied practices that are essential for successful management of limited resources in changing global environments, the program will capitalize on its ability to blend proven traditional methods of teaching with state of the art technologies. These technologies will be oriented specifically toward improving managerial problem-solving capabilities.

Learning Outcomes for the MBA Program

  • Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for a leadership position in business.
  • Students will understand key factors influencing the global economic environment.
  • Students will understand key concepts in finance.
  • Students will acquire advanced skills in marketing philosophy and management
  • Students will acquire skills in quantitative research methods for business.
  • Students will acquire advanced skills in the analysis of the legal and ethical aspects of business.
  • Students will acquire advanced skills for the management of human behavior in organizations.
  • Students will become aware of controversy in strategy concepts and will acquire advanced strategic analysis skills.

MBA Course Requirements

The MBA Program requires the successful completion of 36 graduate-credit hours that consist of the following 12 courses.

  • MBA 610 Information Systems Management
  • MBA 618 Financial Reporting
  • MBA 632 Global Economic Environment
  • MBA 636 Quantitative Research Methods
  • MBA 640 Marketing Philosophy and Management
  • MBA 647 Innovation, New Products & Services & E-Commerce
  • MBA 650 Topics in the Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
  • MBA 662 Financial Decision Making
  • MBA 688 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MBA 691 Practicum I
  • MBA 692 Practicum II
  • MBA 690 Strategic Thinking in Organizations