The primary mission of the Elementary Education program at St. Andrews University is to offer a high quality, research driven program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and initial licensure in Elementary Education. The elementary education degree and licensure program prepares facilitators of learning to teach grades K-6.  Small class sizes afford pre-service teachers a greater level of individual attention as they develop skills in instructional design, through acquired knowledge in theory, teaching approaches and practical applications. St. Andrews boosts high rate of employment among elementary education graduates in school districts and learning organizations across the United States and internationally.

Teacher Candidates explore the process of teaching and learning through an integrative, constructivist approach that includes multiple opportunities for field based learning and practical experiences in the school setting.  Candidates are able to utilize the strong liberal arts approach found in the St. Andrews General Education curriculum to help meet the teacher education standard for knowing content, while the Elementary Education Program provides candidates with a strong understanding and skill base in pedagogical studies that continues to make St. Andrews graduates notable as they pursue their professional vocation of teaching children in grades K-6.

Program Requirements
Professional Studies (required of all education majors)
PSY 220:   Child and Adolescent Development (3) F, S, SS
EDU 236:  Technology for Educators (3) F, SS
EDU 250:  Education, Culture & Diversity (3) F, S
EDU 310:  Curriculum and Instruction (3) F
EDU 324:  Educational Psychology (3) S, SS
EDU 355:  The Exceptional Child (3) S, SS
EDU 352:  Teachers as Leaders (3) F ***

21 Credit Hours

***GPA of 2.5, program application, recommendations, interview, and passing scores on the Praxis I Tests is required for formal admittance in to the Teacher Education Program.

Pedagogical Studies
EDU 319:  Children’s Literature (3) S
EDU 390: Foundations in Teaching Social Studies K-6
EDU 232:  Elementary PE Methods K-6 ***
EDU 236: Technology for Educators
EDU 336:  Reading and Literacy ***
EDU 338: Reading and Language Arts ***
EDU 339:  Social Studies in the Elementary School ***
EDU 341:  Science in the Elementary School ***
EDU 342:  Math in the Elementary School ***
EDU 365: Fine Arts in the Elementary School

30 Credit Hours

**A grade of “2.75” or above is required for all Professional Pedagogical Courses.

***Must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program


An Academic Concentration (12-15 hours) is required in one of the following four subject areas relevant to K-12 grades classroom:

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Professional Applications
EDU 344:  Classroom Management (2) (independent, online)
EDU 423:  Student Teaching (10) ***
EDU 425:  Student Teaching Senior Seminar (2) ***

14 Credit Hours

Total Program Hours: 65 plus the 12-15 concentration credit hours and required St. Andrews General Education curriculum hours for a minimum of 120 credit hours.