The St. Andrews Campus offers a four-year BA in Communication Studies that seeks to balance critical thinking, media theory, writing and verbal/interviewing/public relations skills commensurate with both traditional media markets and today’s emerging convergence media forms. Students will study the foundations of communications learning—i.e. journalistic/media/research writing, legal/ethical media issues and media theory—and use that learning in traditional forms of media as well as online and digital media. In the process, students will create content for both print and digital publications and learn marketing media and public relations.

We prepare students with critical thinking skills specializing in both oral and written skills sets. On completion of the program students will be prepared for prospective careers in business, industry, education, agency, government, and nonprofit sectors of society.


Why Communication Studies at St. Andrews University?

  • Hands on experience in your field
  • Opportunities to double major in business and education
  • Exciting internship opportunities with local and metro businesses
  • Committed faculty who are actively engaged in both education and the industry


Selecting a Second Major

A second major can enhance your education and bring more job possibilities upon graduation. Typically, double-majoring requires at least five years of course work. We suggest selecting a major that complements the communications major. Possible complementary majors include Business Administration, Creative Writing, English, History, or Philosophy


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