Communication Studies

Communication Studies is one of the fastest-growing majors in higher education. St. Andrews offers a four-year Bachelor’s of Arts in this highly 21st century ready academic program. We know that recruiters and employers hire people who can communicate with dexterity. Here at St. Andrews, you will take courses in production. These courses address such topics as digital storytelling, podcasting, public speaking, and desktop publishing. We also offer coursework in communication theory. You will have the option to take courses such as interpersonal, gender, and organizational communication, rhetoric, and persuasion. Soon, you will be brave enough to take on any challenge that depends upon your own communication acumen. You will have strengthened your analytical, thinking, and discussion skills, your confidence in public speaking, and your ability to interface with the world through social media and digital creation. From the beginning, you will enter a highly interactive classroom. You will take the survey course, Communication, and Culture, which offers an overview of this diverse discipline. Just before graduation, you complete a multimedia project alongside your peers. The journey you traverse in between is of your own design.

Students who complete the Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Studies are prepared to begin positions in the communications industry: • Journalist • Graphic designer • Analyst • Communication scholar • Broadcaster • News anchor • Radio personality


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