Top 7 Careers for a Business Administration Major

Written by St. Andrews

The demand is high for business professionals all over the world. Not only will a business administration major help you learn business skills, but it also opens up doors in countless industries. Every group, from a small non-profit to a large Fortune 100 corporation, needs help in business administration.

The business administration program at St. Andrews allows you to focus on one of five areas of study: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing. Becoming a Business Administration major from St. Andrews University is just the first step to a long and prosperous career. You’ll have plenty of choices upon graduation and can apply this versatile degree to any industry. 

Learn more about what you can do with a business degree from St. Andrews University with these top 7 career opportunities.


1. Sales Manager

Businesses can’t survive without some sort of incoming sales. Sales managers are those professionals who enjoy talking with people and can command a room. Business administration majors who choose this profession usually focus on either management or marketing during their time at St. Andrews.

Sales managers are also a great team leader and can help organize sales employees. They also need to analyze data and help develop ideas on how to sell to specific customers. They are often creative and intuitive and quite competitive as well. Sales managers usually travel a lot during the year, depending on the company size and the customer’s location. 

Salary and Growth Opportunities

The median salary for sales managers with business administration degrees is $125,000. This is a higher-waged career that should come with numerous benefits, including retirement and stock options for larger companies. The need for sales managers is expected to grow at 4%, which is about average. However, the type of company can significantly increase the overall package and amenities you could enjoy at the office.

A marketing manager works with employees in an office

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2. Marketing Manager

Before companies can grow, they need to start with advertising. Marketing managers are often creative in developing different marketing plans as well as analytical in their ability to see what has worked in the past. They also manage a group of other marketing employees who all work together to create campaigns to boost sales. 

Salary and Growth Opportunities

Marketing managers make an average salary of about $135,000 per year, along with other added benefits. The industry is expected to grow 6% through 2029, which is slightly faster than average. The size of the company dramatically dictates the size of the overall compensation and benefits package.

3. Finance Manager

Business administration majors who focus on finance can enjoy a long and successful career as a Finance Manager. These professionals love to budget and are the head person in charge of the company’s financial components. Finance Managers love to run cost analysis’ and plan budgets to help keep the company financially stable.

Salary and Growth Opportunities

Finance Managers can expect to earn around $130,000 per year, along with other benefits. Sometimes Finance Managers need to work in the field of finance within the company before graduating to this higher status. However, finding a job should be easier in this field as the need for Finance Managers is expected to grow up to 15%, which is much faster than other jobs in the industry.

4. Accounting Manager

Those business administration majors who focus on accounting can have a long career as an Accounting manager. These professionals love to work with numbers and can balance any budget. Accounting managers who have a business administration background have extra skills and knowledge to input into the accounting side of the business. Leadership skills are essential for accounting managers, as they direct a group of accountants for the company.

Salary and Growth Opportunities

While accountants earn about $70,000 per year, accounting managers can expect to make much more than that. Accounting managers often have an excellent benefits package from the company as well. Overall, the accounting industry is expected to grow at a 4% rate, which is about average over the next few years.

A female operations manager uses a touch screen to coordinate daily tasks

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5. Operations Managers

It takes a lot of moving parts to keep a company running. Even the smallest of companies have a lot of logistics to take care of on a daily basis. This career includes keeping track of everything that it takes to run the company: from employees to raw materials. Operations managers should be those who can multitask well and enjoy a challenge. 

Salary and Growth Opportunities

Operations Managers make an average of about $120,000 per year. They are eligible for substantial benefits packages as well. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those Operations managers in either a technical or large corporation can average about $150,000 per year, much more than other industries.

6. Management Analyst

For those business administration majors wanting to help other companies, a career as a Management analyst may be the perfect fit. Management analysts either work for large consulting firms or are self-employed. They visit other businesses and advise on what changes to make to increase business and productivity. Management analysts often travel to locations all over the country and meet a lot of different people and businesses.

Salary and Growth Opportunities

A career as a Management analyst is an excellent opportunity for those that have some experience in the workforce. On average, Management analysts make about $85,000 per year. The need for professionals in this career is expected to grow at 11% through 2029, making this an excellent opportunity for those business administration majors interested in this kind of work.

7. Account Executive

Those business graduates who enjoy sales and marketing could choose a career as an Account executive. These professional employees often work for large companies. The entire job of an Account executive is to work with a small number of customers as their main point of contact. Account executives must have good relationship and communication skills to keep the customer happy while also hitting business goals.

Salary and Growth Opportunities

As a top executive, this career offers an average salary of about $105,000 per year. The need for these graduates is expected to grow at a rate of 4% over the next decade. One of the perks of being an account executive is how much face time is needed for the customer relationship to stay strong. You’ll meet a variety of individuals, make great connections, and help both your organization and clients succeed in their business endeavors.

There are plenty of career opportunities for business administration graduates from St. Andrews University. Given the program’s unique ability to focus on accounting, economics, finance, management, or marketing, students receive an in-depth education that is sure to provide the knowledge and tools needed to land successful careers after graduation. This program is offered at both our Laurinburg, NC  and Charlotte, NC campuses with class choices on-ground or online.

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