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Unlocking Mental Health Inclusion: The Benefits of AI in Promoting Emotional Well-being

Authors: Dr. Annette Webster’s HSA119 Computer Applications in Healthcare class, Fall 2023

As we know, Mental Health in college students is very prominent. Many new college students have never been away from home, making them feel down. The stress of grades and life are also linked to a student’s mental health that they have never faced before. At St. Andrews University, the majority of students that attend our university are college athletes which can add even more stress and damage to a student’s mental health. Our goal is to give students who are struggling with their mental health information on where to find free access points online to help them overcome the damage to mental health that comes with being a college athlete.

AI Therapy

AI therapists are revolutionizing mental health, providing accessible and beneficial support. They offer a form of therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy which helps with addressing minor mental health needs. This kind of therapy is done through conversations by essentially texting. The AI itself keeps alert for certain words and triggers that can be alarming and will immediately send back useful resources while others can put a person in contact with a human professional. AI therapists have many benefits, one being that there is no wait time. One can receive therapy from wherever there is immediate access since it can be downloaded right on a phone. Another great benefit to this, it is free which is especially great for college students who are normally on a tight budget. Overall, AI therapists are a valuable resource for promoting mental well-being that is easily accessible.

Family Guidance

If you are a parent of a college student -or future college student- reading this article, congratulations. It’s in your family’s best interest to be well aware of a problem that you are most likely to experience at one point in your child’s college journey. Dealing with the pressure of the academic world and the ideals of success, while also covering other areas of life such as athletics, social life, and trying to answer the question of “Who am I?” can result in a frenetic lifestyle which ultimately might lead to mental health issues. Being informed about how to re-interpret your relationship with your kids in the college phase and most importantly, always being in touch can make a difference in your kid’s life as well as yours. Here is some content that will be very beneficial.

Free Resources

In any immediate danger call 911, for crisis and suicide text/call 988. Many resources that provide services for any mental health aid will be online. Whether you need any mental aid about family issues, suicide, veterans’ crisis, LGBTQ issues, or just need a friend to talk to there are hundreds of resources online. There are even international resources that will be of aid.

Break the Silence, Embrace the Strength: Advocating for Mental Health Awareness in Sports

Some ideas for supporting student-athletes’ mental health include:

  • Encourage athletes, coaches, and staff to openly discuss mental health.
  • Ensure athletes have easy access to mental health professionals, counseling services, and support networks.
  • Implement programs that will help in relieving stress and how to cope with a mental issue.
  • Create an environment where seeking help is seen as a strength, not a weakness.