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UKnighted for St. Andrews

We are launching a $5 million capital campaign and I am asking you to join us – UKnighted for St. Andrews!

Dr. Tarun Malik, Campus President

With these funds, we will renovate Belk Center and begin renovating dorms.  Our first priority will be to build a new kitchen, dining facility, bathroom, and student center.  Years of deferred maintenance and damage from two major hurricanes have left Belk in need of significant improvements.

Damage to Belk Center Due to Hurricanes

Artist’s Rendering of Cafeteria Renovation

This campaign will span the next two years, and we are committed to transparency throughout the campaign. We’ll provide regular updates on progress and milestones by email, social media, news media, and on our web site.

We are honored to have a distinguished group of alumni, University Trustee, and local community leaders serving on our Capital Campaign Board.  I am thankful to each of them for their commitment to St. Andrews, this effort and investment in our future.

  • Mr. Roy Phelps (’63), Virginia Beach, VA
  • Mr. Bill Rinker (’69 and University Trustee), Concord, NC
  • Ms. Carol McCall, Laurinburg, NC
  • Mr. Allen McLaurin, Laurinburg, NC
  • Mr. William Dulin, Laurinburg, NC
  • Mr. Steve Clabaugh, Laurinburg, NC
  • Mr. Ken Nichols, Laurinburg, NC
  • Mr. John Robertson, Red Springs, NC

We are UKnighted for our future. Since March 2023, our fiscal situation is healthier. Thanks to financial management, strategic enrollment efforts and student engagement – retention is up over 11%. 

We are UKnighted for our students.  To keep education affordable for our students, St. Andrews contributes $10 million of institutional funding for student scholarships.  Balancing aid and investments is challenging; we have ignored our ageing facilities and must now invest in them to provide a quality student experience, remain competitive, and manage operating costs.

We are UKnighted for our mission.  We offer students programs of study that create life transforming opportunities with special emphasis on communication and critical thinking skills. 

We are UKnighted for our local community.  We are a major contributor to the local economy – nearly $70 million in annual economic impact.  Our students volunteer more than 25,000 hours each year to local service projects. We have hosted events in our theater and auditorium, opened our gym, pool and athletic fields to campers and athletes, helped rebuild a local community park, served BBQ at In-gatherings, and tutored local students – our DNA is entwined with this community.

We are UKnighted for St. Andrews.  The campus is home to over 12,000 alumni and those who served along the way.  This is a place where one finds themselves, where all are welcome and encouraged to make their mark, a place that can’t be recreated. This is a place whose history won’t be forgotten.

This is a critical time in St. Andrews’ history, and we need your support to make our vision a reality.  We believe that with your investment, we can improve our facilities, continue to shape the lives of many young people, and continue to play a key role in this local community. 

I encourage you to contact one or more of the ‘UKnighted for St. Andrews’ Campaign Board members to learn more about this effort and how you can invest in the future at St. Andrews.

If you want to schedule a conversation about the various donation options available to you, please call or email Jeff Robertson in the Institutional Advancement Office, at 910-277-5769 or email [email protected].

Thank you for your support.


Tarun Malik, Ed.D.

Fall Classes Start Tuesday, Aug. 27th!