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Occupational Therapy at SAU: The First of its Kind!

Written by Brandon Terrell

Greetings and welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assisting (BSOTA) with a minor in Health Services Administration (HSA) program website blog!

Did you know that this is the first time in the history of occupational therapy practice that an OTA degree is offered at the baccalaureate level?  Did you know that this program will be one of the first accredited programs in the nation and the first BSOTA program offered in the State of North Carolina?

I am very excited to be leading the BSOTA program at SAU towards full accreditation and forward in our efforts to realize the university’s mission: “to offer students an array of business, liberal arts and sciences, and pre-professional programs of study that create a life-transforming educational opportunity which is practical in its application, global in its scope, and multi-disciplinary in its general education core. Students will acquire a depth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study, balanced by the breadth of knowledge across various disciplines while pursuing a degree at associate, bachelor, or master level. The international quality of the student body enriches personal experiences and promotes an understanding of international cultures and influences”.

As program director, I am fortunate to join expert dedicated faculty in a collaborative effort to empower you to achieve your career aspirations and help you navigate towards your vision of a meaningful future.  The St. Andrews University BSOTA program is life transforming, culturally diverse, innovative, global in its scope and rich with learning opportunities that will prepare you, a future clinician, for diverse practice. The learning outcomes of this program will inherently promote in its graduates an appreciation for collaborative interdisciplinary practice, a sensitivity towards the human condition, and a sound understanding of culturally appropriate, medically relevant, and evidence-based care.

As a graduate of this program, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to treat clients with various conditions and assume more challenging roles in leadership and management within the profession and in the healthcare industry. You will acquire a strong knowledge of evidence-based theory and practice, be able to apply critical, outside of the box thinking and be confident in your hands-on clinical skills. This will be achieved through your participation in the program’s unique, rich interprofessional experiences, the completion of general education and core occupational therapy curriculum, and exposure to strategic placement in fieldwork experiences found in clinically diverse and innovative interdisciplinary environments.

It is my sincere hope that your journey towards finding a career path that resonates with your personal goals, your unique interests and your diverse skills and talents includes the discovery of what it means to be a KNIGHT and graduate of the SAU BSOTA Program! I look forward to meeting you!


Rachelle Lydell