MAED Plan of Study 

Total number of credits required for graduation.  

This master’s degree program requires 36 graduate credits for successful completion. The hours include a practicum and action research along with a final thesis and design project.  

Schedule of Courses
Session 1 
Educational Leadership, Coaching & the Change Process (Ethics/Philosophy) 3 credits
Research Methodology 3 credits
Session 2 
Mind, Brain & Learning (Advanced Educational Psychology) 3 credits
Interdisciplinary by Design (The importance of Liberal Arts experiences)3 3 credits
Session 3 
Cultural Knowing & Global Learning Applications 3 credits
Symposium on Learning and Instruction 3 credits
Session 4
Toward Inquiry Driven Learning Organizations 3 credits
Curriculum Development & Program Evaluation 3 credits
Session 5
Instructional Design 3 credits
Action Research for Instructional Leaders (Practicum) 3 credits
Session 6
Thesis & Design Project 6 credits
Total credits: 36