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LIVE AND LEARN Writen by Joe Cicchetto
Damian Bruce '23 Double Major, Business & Communication LIVE AND LEARN Damian Bruce took a semester-long journey to better understand what it means to make a mistake. While he interviewed Grandma and a basketball...
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Despite the Loss Writen by Joe Cicchetto
Johnny Rodgers III '23 Hello Knights, Writing for the Public (COM 327A) is excited to share its next blog with you. If you like what you read, subscribe, or bookmark. Today, we share Despite...
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LIVING LIFE SMALL: The Rise of the Tiny Home Writen by Joe Cicchetto
Kandon Luquer '22 LIVING LIFE SMALL Kandon Luquer, a Communication major, transformed her grandparents' RV into her home. Follow Kandon's journey to other like-minded people who "live life small". These blogs are brought to...
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How to Get a Degree in Communications Writen by St. Andrews
Communication is the key to life. Not only does it allow us to express ourselves, but it also helps us understand others. Good communication skills are the foundation of our society: whether in your career...
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What Does Health Services Management Involve? Writen by St. Andrews
The healthcare industry is a vital part of society. Not only does healthcare involve doctors, nurses, and medical staff trained to save lives, but it also employs many other people to keep the doors open...
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You are the CEO of Your Own Life Writen by St. Andrews
What do high-performing individuals at all levels within organizations have in common? They think of themselves as the CEO of their own lives. Professor Chris Hitch explains how you can use an MBA from St....
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How to Become an eSports Manager: What You Need to Know Writen by St. Andrews
As technology continues to grow rapidly, so have careers in the eSports industry. Learning to become an eSports Manager is a relatively new career that will continue to grow. For those students who enjoy playing...
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What Careers are Possible for a History Major? Writen by St. Andrews
Our world relies on people with knowledge of the past and the understanding of how it can shape the future. Choosing a History major at St. Andrews will provide you with the ability to think critically,...
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What Careers are Possible for a Communications Major? Writen by St. Andrews
Our world relies on effective and clear communication. Not only do we need it on a personal level with family and friends, but communication is vital towards relationships at work, in our community, and in...
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What Are the Top 4 Nursing Careers in 2020? Writen by St. Andrews
Early nurses displayed the same unparalleled strength and exuberance as today’s nurses. However, they did not go to schools that were accredited or licensed. Nor did they have unifying organizations to give them a single...
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