St. Andrews Request for Disability Accommodations

Academic accommodations are available to all students at St. Andrews who have documented disabilities. Our disability services meet the requirements of Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related laws and are determined based on appropriate documentation. 

Students who have disabilities are asked to complete the Disability Accommodations Request Form below and return it as soon as possible. In response, we will send the documentation requirements for specific disabilities. 

Documentation must be submitted and reviewed in order to receive services. Even if you have shared information about your disability previously with St. Andrews, the form below is necessary in order to begin the formal process of disability service eligibility. It is suggested that you register as soon as you decide to attend St. Andrews. 

It is recommended that all students who have disabilities register with Disability Services. Medical or psychological conditions that cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or that might result in absences from class, may qualify as a disability and require accommodations. Even if you do not plan to use accommodations immediately, you may find a need for them once you are here. It is less complicated to access services if eligibility is already determined. 

Please note: Services and accommodations cannot be provided until an intake process is completed and eligibility is determined. All information provided is confidential.

Request for Disability Accommodations
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