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Please refer to the Academic Calendar.

  1. Obtain a Drop/Add Form from the Registrar or Academic Advisor
  2. Complete the Form.
  3. Have it signed by your advisor and the professor of the course. Professors keep up with students that drop so that they can allow other students into the course.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Use the Withdrawal Form. You must obtain the signature of your advisor and the professor of the class, if you are an athlete you must acquire a signature from the NAIA compliance director. Bring the withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. You can then print an updated schedule from your student portal.

Even though you have officially withdrawn from the course with the grade of “W,” you have received a grade. You are still charged tuition for the course. If you add two more demi-semester two courses (4 credits), you will have, for billing purposes, 22 credits. You may not withdraw (W grade) from courses and add more courses without the consequences of an overload fee.

For eligibility purposes (athletics and financial aid), you are not “attempting” a full-time load. Since you received a grade for the course, your schedule will reflect the “W” because it is graded. You are technically now in only 9 enrolled credits. You must have permission from student affairs, the Associate Dean, and financial aid to continue at this reduced load. Consequently, if you have 16 credits, withdraw from 1 credit and add 3, you will be in 18 credits and subject to the overload fee.

The professor will submit a grade for you because you are still on the class roster. In most cases the professor submits an “F.”

If the Drop/Add Form is signed by your advisor and the professor of the class, you will be permitted to add the course. Take the form to the Registrar’s Office to register for the course.

12 – 18 credits.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs must approve overloads for non-Honor students. If you take over 18 credits, you may be responsible for the overload charge.

12 credits

Go to Student Affairs to start the withdrawal process. There is a form there for you to fill out. Several signatures are required. Turn the form back into Student Affairs. They will send it to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to submit the form can result in failing grades.

You must obtain a request to audit a course from the registrars office before the course begins. Audits are billed the same as regular courses.


Come to the registrar’s office to complete the request or email us at [email protected]

No. We only accept credits from other colleges. Taking courses elsewhere will not improve your GPA.

* Specific questions in regards to this, please contact your academic advisor.

Classification is based on your total credits at the end of the last grading period. The classification is as follows:

Yes. Second degree seeking students must complete 30 credits to receive a second degree as well as SAGE requirements and major requirements. Please see the college catalog for complete details.


A transcript request may be completed on the following link. We DO NOT accept requests by phone, email or voicemail.

Transcripts that are mailed for $14.00 or picked up in person for $10.00 a copy. Of course, no transcripts may be issued if the student has any holds.

No. Transcripts and other documents from other institutions are the property of St. Andrews and under Federal policy, we are not allowed to issue them. The record from the other institution may not be complete. The current complete, accurate and official record of a student’s academic work is made available by the transcripting institution.


Contact the Office of the Registrar to check the accuracy of the grade for you.

Unless otherwise noted on the annual calendar for each campus, the Incomplete grade must be removed by October 1 for the previous spring or summer semester, or by February 1 for the previous fall semester or the grade will revert to an “F”.

Mid-Term grades are sent to the student’s Advisor. The student must see his or her advisor for mid-terms. Final grades are sent to the student’s permanent address.

Currently our system can only handle one permanent address.

In the event that a student feels the grade for a course is not a fair evaluation of the student’s effort and performance, the student should make every attempt to resolve the difficulties by discussion with the instructor involved. If such discussions do not result in a satisfactory solution to the problem, the student should seek the assistance of the appropriate program or department chairperson in resolving the problem. If the program or department chairperson is the instructor involved, the student should seek the assistance of the appropriate division chairperson. If this fails, a grade appeal committee will be formed by the program, department, or division chairperson. This committee will consist of three faculty members: one selected by the instructor involved, another by the student, and the third (who shall be chair) by the agreement of the first two faculty members selected. It is expected that the committee will receive full cooperation from all parties involved. To take effect, the committee’s decision must be ratified by the Dean of the University. The committee functions in accord with guidelines in the Faculty Handbook. Any formal grade appeal action involving a committee must be initiated by the student at least two weeks prior to the date for clearing incompletes for the term in which the course was taken. The committee shall reach its decision before the date for clearing incompletes for that term. When special conditions exist, this timetable may be altered by the Faculty Executive Committee.

Major – Change Of Major

Online! Follow to our declaration of majors page by clicking here.

Contact the Registrar’s Office at (910) 277-3956 or email [email protected]


Contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or email [email protected]

Transfer Credit

Your advisor or the Registrar’s Office will be able to assist you.

Pick up an Approval for Summer School Elsewhere Form from the Registrar’s Office. Your advisor must sign the form. The Department Chairperson must also sign the form. Return it to the Registrar’s Office. You must do this before you leave school in the Spring. If you have 60 hours or more, you must take courses at a four-year college, not a junior college. If you are not in good standing, permission may be denied. If you are a senior, your last 30 credits must be completed at SAU. Make sure you request a transcript from the institution you attend and have it mailed directly to the Registrar’s Office. You must make a grade of “C” or better in order for the course to transfer.

Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Please complete the online application here. *Education majors need to apply two semesters prior to your final semester.


Contact your advisor to start your graduation audit.

Senior grades will be due mid-week before graduation. If you do not complete the requirements for graduation, you WILL be notified ahead of time.

Typically rehearsals are the Thursday before graduation. Location and times are subject to change. You will be notified by email of specific details.

Specific details in regards to graduation location, date and time will be emailed to qualified students.

Specific details in regards to Baccalaureate location, date and time will be emailed to qualified students. Students need to bring only their gowns; no caps.

Notify the Registrar or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Your diploma will be mailed to you.

Graduates can expect to receive their diplomas by mail 8 to 12 weeks of their graduation date. Graduates are welcome and invited to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony. Please notify the Registrar if you are planning on attending.

Transcripts are usually ready for processing within a week after graduation

Only one diploma is issued. If you are seeking a Bachelor of Science degree, you will receive a Bachelor of Science diploma. Your second major (Philosophy) will be posted on your transcript.

Send in a written request with your name as you would have it appear on the diploma, date of graduation, and the address to which it will be mailed via email or mail. You may not request a duplicate diploma. We issue a replacement with our current credentials listed. There is a $60.00 replacement diploma fee. Mail the request to SAU, Registrar’s Office, 1700 Dogwood Mile, Laurinburg, NC 28352. Email at [email protected]

Anywhere from two (2) to six (6) weeks.

Caps and gowns can be picked up at the Business Office the Thursday and Friday before commencement.

Yes. Diplomas will be in an attractive diploma cover.

*Subject to change due to student account balance.

No tickets are required.

Yes. Please inform the Director of Disability Services before May 1, for Spring Commencement that handicapped seating will be needed.

There is no official dress code; we trust that you will dress appropriately.

You will receive more detailed correspondence about graduation that will give you this information. Be sure to read all correspondence (to official St. Andrews email address only) from all campus offices carefully so that you will know what you need to do.

Approximately two hours.