Library Services for Faculty

FAQ's for Faculty

Library staff can help you create persistent links that include the proxy so that all students on or off campus can access the information.



For books, DVDS, or other tangible resources, contact Seth Allen or Tom Waage.



Contact Seth Allen to work with your students in groups, as individuals, or visit your classroom. Research Guides can be tailored to your classes with links and suggested search strategies and databases.



Yes. Please see the ILL page for more information.

Most libraries will copy a chapter from an ebook, but most cannot be shared.



The Health Sciences Classroom on the third floor of DeTamble Library can be reserved by faculty or students. A whiteboard and computer with projector are available in the classroom, and there is a large monitor in the Health Sciences Space with adapters for any devices. You will also find a podium, whiteboards, markers, etc. Contact Tom Waage if you wish to reserve these spaces for presentations or meetings. Regular classes may also meet in the Library; please check with the Registrar’s Office.

The Open Educational Resources (OERs) page contains a list of open access (i.e. freely available without traditional copyright restrictions) resources on the web; books, videos, and multimedia.