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St. Andrews at Charlotte begins classes in Spring 2021

At St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University students come from many different backgrounds. While most people consider the “traditional” college student to be someone straight out of high school who will attend classes full-time, there are many “non-traditional” students who are working to get a degree as well. This program offers flexible class times to help busy individuals obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees. We’ve designed the program to accommodate the schedules of working adults who may not have the time to complete a day program. With our flexible options, students can complete their program with a hybrid option giving them the choice of classes on campus or classes online.

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St. Andrews at Charlotte provides a unique opportunity for students to gain a depth of knowledge in their chosen subject area. Our professors go beyond just presenting the material in lecture form. Instead, they challenge students to think critically and express ideas clearly and effectively. We’ve found that our non-traditional students bring invaluable insights when relating classroom material to the real world because of their varied backgrounds and level of life experience. We recognize that finishing a degree or adding a second degree is necessary for career advancement. We believe that your current career or family life shouldn’t keep you from doing so. That’s why we offer this program.

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