Writing & Citing Guide

Your Guide to Academic Writing, Research and Citation

The Writing & Citing Guide was designed to help you become a better writer, practice academic integrity (i.e. avoid plagiarism), harness the power of auto-citation tools for quick citations, and learn citation styles (ex. APA, MLA) in-depth, if necessary. You can also receive personal help from the librarian or the Center for Academic Success. Click on the tabs below to learn more.

Master the art of academic writing & compose college-level research papers.



Practice academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism and giving credit where it’s due.



Use built-in tools in library databases to create citations in APA, MLA, & other styles



Get help with APA, MLA, & other citation tools used at St. Andrews.



Connect with tutors to help with writing skills and other subjects.

Connect with a librarian to help you find, analyze, and cite your info sources correctly.