How will the MAED affect your career?

Employment and career opportunities available with the St Andrews proposed degree

In addition to the fact that a master’s degree will affect the impact that teachers have in the K12 schools, having a master’s degree will also make one a more appealing candidate for a teaching position. A master’s degree indicates that, in addition to having more education, the teacher is passionate and serious about the field of work. However, there are other related positions or job types for which a master’s degree will help to open the door.  The median income for a classroom teacher with a bachelor’s degree and 15 years of experience is $46,900 versus a classroom teacher with a master’s degree and 15 years of experience and an income of $55,110. 

In addition to being a teacher, earning a master’s in education also qualifies candidates for a variety of other roles in the education system. For example, the focus of this proposed degree is not for a school principal, but rather for candidates to become an expert in the area of teaching and learning, how learning is assessed and how to strategically plan and problem solve for school improvement and effectiveness and increased student achievement.  The proposed program will also have a focus on helping people understand the psychology behind teaching and may extend candidates to the area of student services in a central office. A focus on research regarding curriculum development, how learning occurs, how it is assessed, teacher responsivity and instructional supervision will be the scope of the program and will entail a carefully designed and supervised practicum and thesis. Another aspect of the degree will be a look at organizational behavior and a systems approach to organizational improvement. There will also be technology applications and practices.