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How a mother’s gamble sparked thousands of scholarships

Written by rladmin

{The following story about St. Andrews alumna Reeta Roy ‘86 appeared in the Toronto Star, Canada.  It was written by Catherine Porter.  St. Andrews has received permission to reprint it in its entirety by following the link.}

How a mother’s gamble sparked thousands of scholarships

Two themes run through Reeta Roy’s family story. One is hard work; the other is migration.

Roy’s father, Durgadas, grew up in Dhaka, then capital of India’s Eastern Bengal province. During the 1947 Partition, the Hindu family fled as refugees to Calcutta, where Durgadas was studying medicine. After graduating, without telling his parents, he hopped a boat to Malaysia, where he had heard that good jobs awaited.

Reeta Roy is president and CEO of the Toronto-based MasterCard Foundation, the largest private foundation in Canada. “You want every child to go to school on an even playing field,” she says…