Tuition Fees and Payment Plans

For the Academic Year 2019-20 Full-time residential student charges are as follows:

Tuition:  $27,846 $13,923
Comprehensive Fees*:  $11,134 $5,567

*Comprehensive fees include food service, double room in a standard residence hall, fees, books, and vehicle registration fee. Additional fees can include, but not limited to: such lab fees, health insurance, private room, over-load (over 18 hours), riding lessons, etc. miscellaneous expenses should also be anticipated.


Additional Expenses to Consider:

Deposit – New Students Only  $260
Deposit – New International Students $1,000
Health Insurance   $2300


Payment Plans

  • We work with TMS (Tuition Management Systems), which is a tuition plan agency that offers a 10, 9, 5 or 4 (interest free) monthly payment plan option. There is a $35 annual fee (for the 10 or 9 month plan) or a $25 semester fee (for the 5 or 4 month plan which is based on semester only not year). Payments are due the 1st of every month. For assistance, visit TMS on line at, call them at 800-722-4867 or call the Business Office at 910-277-5230 or 5225.