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Check In for ALL Equestrian Students: New & Returning at 9:00 am 

23 Aug 2019

New Student Check In

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Check In for incoming new students (excludes equestrians and fall sports) are as follows:

Last Names A - E           9:00 am

Last Names F - J           10:30 am           

Last Names K - O          12:30 pm

Last Names P - Z           2:00 pm 

Start of the Fall 2019 Academic Term


Check In for all returning students (excludes fall sport check ins) are as follows:

Last Names A - G          9:00 am

Last Names H - M         10:30 am

Last Names N - S          1:00 pm 

Last Names T - Z           2:30 pm 


First Day of Classes for the Fall 2019 Semester