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1. St. Andrews Equestrian Center 15. William Henry Belk Center
2. Scottish Heritage Center 16. Orange Residence Hall
3. Flora Macdonald Gardens 17. Mecklenburg Residence Hall
4. Morgan-Jones Science Center 18. Pate Residence Hall
5. Avinger Auditorium 19.Winston-Salem Residence Hall
6. James L. Morgan Liberal Arts Building 20. Campus Safety and Security
7. DeTamble Library 21. Physical Education Center
8. Vardell Building 22. O’Herron Swimming Pool
9. Katherine MacKay Belk Bell Tower 23. Purchasing/Physical Plant
10. Lake House 24. Farrago
11. Wilmington Residence Hall 25. Softball Field
12. Granville Residence Hall 26. Track
13. Concord Residence Hall 27. Clark Baseball Field
14. Albemarle Residence Hall 28. Lacrosse and Soccer Field


Keep Calm – Let Us Help
Do you know someone who may need our assistance? Anyone, including Professors, Coaches, Teammates, or Friends can reach out whether the concern is academic, social, spiritual, or you just have a feeling someone on campus may benefit from a helping hand. Fill out the Keep Calm form here.

Center for Academic Success Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Personnel for the Center for Academic Success
Robin Lea, Director

Sarah Hardy, CAS Coordinator of CAS Activities

The Office of Disability Services (also located in the CAS in Pate Hall)

Dr. Teresa M. Reynolds, Disability Services Coordinator

Sarah Hardy, Disability Services Program Assistant


Contact Us:

LaTanya Malone, Controller

Khourtnie Burns
Account Executive/Student