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Graduate Admissions

MBA Admission Requirements

Academic Preparation

Our MBA students come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds. Some have limited, if any, work experience, while others bring years of experience to the classroom. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university (or equivalent preparation from international institutions) is required for admission. Although many students have an undergraduate degree in business or a related field, we welcome students with undergraduate degrees from all disciplines.

Students with non-business undergraduate majors might need to take a few additional courses at St. Andrews or other regionally accredited institutions to enhance their fundamental understanding of business functions. At a minimum the following prerequisite foundation courses are required. Additional coursework may be required.

  • A course in Microeconomics
  • A course in Financial Accounting
  • A course in Business Statistics

All of these prerequisite courses can be taken concurrently with MBA-level courses.

Application Materials

The student-centered focus of the MBA Program begins with the admissions process. Each applicant’s experience and academic background will be reviewed as part of the application process. Admission to the MBA program will be based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Applicants should be prepared to submit all of the following documentation for consideration by the MBA Review Committee for acceptance to the MBA programs:

  • Application for admission
  • Official transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate work
  • Three (3) letters of reference from academic or professional advisors. Applicants with less than two years of work experience must submit at least one academic reference.
  • Résumé
  • A one-page essay stressing professional and personal expectations and goals

International applicants should be prepared to submit all of the above documentation along with the following for consideration by the MBA review committee for acceptance to the MBA programs:

  • Official Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL) or International English Testing System (IETS) for students with undergraduate degrees from universities whose primary language of instruction is not English
  • Complete statement of Financial Responsibility

For domestic and international applicants, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required for some candidates based on grade point average and experience. Prospective students should contact the MBA Program Counselor for more information on the GMAT requirement. St. Andrews also reserves the right to evaluate the applicant’s potential by conducting a personal interview in addition to all other requirements for admission, if deemed necessary.

If you have questions, contact MJ Mason, Graduate Admissions Counselor at 910-277-5555 or

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MAED Admission Requirements

Admission to the MAEd program requires:

  • a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 3.0
  • an interview with a panel of faculty members from a broad base of disciplines
  • a written essay from a specific prompt.  

Students and undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 will be considered after they have taken undergraduate continuing education credits approved by the Teacher Education Department.


If you have questions, contact MJ Mason, Graduate Admissions Counselor at 910-277-5555 or

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