Why Consider A Career As A Nurse?

Why Consider A Career As A Nurse?

People desiring to enter the field of nursing often believe that nursing is a calling, not just a career path and they have a deep desire to help others. Although as a nurse you will definitely be able to help others nursing is also a very flexible, competitive profession, and rewarding profession. The Institute of Medicine and the National League of Nursing beliefs that the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree should be the basic foundational level of nursing education and there are several good reasons:

Job Growth

As of 2020 there is a shortage of approximately 1.2 million nurses according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Registered Nurses who hold a BSN are in high demand to meet the demands of a dynamic and changing health care system. More and more research support that BSN prepared nurses improve patient safety and patient outcomes.

Variety of Work Environments

With a BSN degree you will have a wide variety of work opportunities. A few nursing opportunities available to BSN prepared nurses include:  hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient settings, physician offices, clinics,  insurance companies, government, community health, public health nurse, home health nurse, travel nurse, elementary or high schools, universities, correctional healthcare facilities, clinical nurse educator, and forensic nurse.

Flexible work schedule

Nursing schedules can be very flexible. Nurses can work nights, days, or weekends depending on their or their family’s needs.  Nurses looking to work a standard 8-hour day may choose to work in a physician’s office or similar clinic.

Competitive salary

As there is a growing nursing shortage nurses can expect continued job growth, great wages, and job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020) the Annual Average Wages for Registered Nurses are:

North Carolina                                                            $64,052

National                                                                      $73,300 a year