What Does an Equine Business Management Degree Offer?

Written by St. Andrews

Horses have been an important part of our society for centuries. While they once were our primary means of transportation, they now contribute to our everyday lives in recreation, sport, business, and therapy. Many Equine Business Management majors work full time in the equine industry as teachers, trainers, riders, appraisers, retail store owners, barn managers, coaches, or therapists. Earning a degree in Equine Management is a great way to share your love for horses as well as enter an exciting career.

Equine Business Management

Students who study Equine Business Management at St. Andrews University also learn about the industry’s business side. While a love for horses is an unspoken prerequisite for this degree, business, and management skills are needed in order to be successful in this industry. 

Interesting Courses

As a tailored degree, there are many facets of learning in the Equine Business Management program. Students enjoy a wide range of hands-on experience in both equine and business classes. The entire program is a total of 58 credits with 52 required credits, as shown below.

Required Business Classes

  • Microeconomics
  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Business Technology
  • Business Law
  • Management Communications
  • Principles of Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Senior Policy & Strategy Seminar 

Required Equine Classes

  • Stable Management
  • Stable Management Lab
  • History & Theory of Modern Riding
  • Equine Business Management
  • Horse Science I
  • Intro to Therapeutic Horsemanship 
  • Equitation 1 and 2
  • Senior Project
  • Equine Business Internship 

Additional Classes

Students can tailor their degree to include six credits of classes that interest them. Some students choose to expand on their business knowledge while others learn more about the equine side of the degree. Some of the classes to choose from include:

  • Advertising and Promotion 
  • Accounting 2
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Investments
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Riding Instructor Skills
  • Form to Function: Principles of Horse Judging
  • Current Therapies in Equine Internal Medicine
  • Intro to Equine Clinical Pharmacology
  • Equine Nutrition 

Equine Business Management Careers

Recent St. Andrews University graduates have found interesting and versatile careers stemming from the Equine Business Management program. Learn more about these exciting career options waiting for you after graduation.

Barn Manager

Horses need constant care, and well-skilled and knowledgeable barn managers are in high demand. Recent graduates manage commercial, private, and show barns, and can also work for Olympic riders throughout the world.

Riding Instructor, Coach, or Trainer

Equine Business Management graduates may choose an area of interest in which to specialize. Many students choose the area of teaching, coaching, or training as their main area of concentration. They will take specialized courses in their chosen area of interest as well as acquire hands-on experiences through internships. As an instructor, you can teach at private schools, commercial and private barns.

Tack and Feed Store Management

Horse enthusiasts and riders all need supplies and equipment to care for their animals properly. Owning or managing a tack business can be an exciting and prosperous way to use both the business and equine sides of this degree.

Equine Pharmaceuticals

St. Andrews University has also had graduates move onto exciting careers in the equine pharmaceuticals field. Caring for horses’ health and welfare is an important job that starts with the medicine custom-made for equines. With a degree that focuses on equine care and business, our graduates can find a wide range of exciting jobs that span every corner of the equine industry.

Graduate Classes

Some of our undergraduates in this program choose to go to Veterinary school to pursue a graduate degree. These students could work exclusively with horses in the future, or expand their practice to include both large and small animals. Large animal veterinarians are highly sought after in their ability to care for these unique animals and travel to farms and boarding barns throughout the area. Additionally, St. Andrews offers an MBA for Equine Professionals.

Therapeutic Horsemanship 

An exciting industry option is the use of horses to provide physical and emotional therapy for people. People suffering from mental or physical challenges have found comfort and healing through participating in therapeutic horsemanship. St. Andrews offers a Business Management degree with a specialization in Therapeutic Management.

Equine management is a great way to learn more about these fantastic creatures, as well as the businesses behind them. Students not only expand their love for horses but also earn a business degree created explicitly for the equine industry. 

To learn more about this exciting degree program at St. Andrews University, contact our admissions office today!