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Martin Brossman was the guest speaker on March 14 for Management in the 21st Century class. He is a self-employed success coach, speaker, trainer for small business owners and a St. Andrews graduate (’87). He is very passionate about giving back to his alma mater and providing the university with marketing tools through social media for overall improvement.

Several topics were covered related to how students can market themselves effectively to stand out to potential employers following graduation. He mentioned terms such as "return on investment" and what the "ROI" would be on a student and individual. He also spoke about the level of confidence one should have and how it is built over the duration of one’s life. He said the three aspects that build confidence are failure, the recovery of failure, and the amount of commitment that someone has for a certain task.

Mr. Brossman explained how to use personal strengths for professional improvements, to intertwine the strengths along with the amount of risks that can be taken and how to make those risks pay off by using one’s strength as an individual. 

He said that LinkedIn is the best platform for marketing ourselves as graduation approaches. He believes it should be a requirement that all incoming freshman at St. Andrews should have a LinkedIn account in order to build a profile that is attractive to potential and future employers.

Mr. Brossman showed tremendous passion for the students of St. Andrews University and gave wonderful insights on how to succeed in the real world following graduation from and to take control of marketing ourselves in a much more efficient manner.—Corey Johnson