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21st Century Management Students Share Experiences

When she was 10, Wendy Harris made a huge move from Europe to Alabama, which seemed to be a complete culture shock. She is a graduate of St. Andrews University and actually started her first company when she was a senior. At 23, Wendy made the decision to move to New Jersey to start a new chapter of her life and opened her first store. For six and a half months Wendy lived in Manhattan where her store thrived but decided to close her store in Manhattan and move to Mexico to start another chapter of her life.

Wendy talked about the idea of having a sense of humor about life and the things that we come across, meaning it’s okay to laugh about things in order to conquer them. She believes there are two views of character: yours and what others want. Believing in positive production, Wendy said that the end result is what is going to bring the most success and personal fulfillment. It is important, as Wendy says, to try your hardest and set your mind to your goals. Do what is best for you at all times and always have a goal set to be reaching toward in life.

- by Zach Saylor


Dave Olsen and Frank Lapsley (pictured) visited the 21st Century Management class on Feb. 12. Mr. Olsen is the executive vice president and general manager at the PNC Arena in Raleigh. He oversees the daily operations and functions held at PNC Arena. Mr. Lapsley is the general manager for SMG at the North Charleston Coliseum, Performing Arts Center and Convention Center. 

They are best friends who work together in arena management. They shared information about their day-to day operations and gave advice on how students can be successful when navigating a new job after graduation.

- by Zoe Cluck and Tyler Evers