Sport Performance, Health, and Fitness

Sport Performance, Health, and Fitness (B.S.)

Program’s guiding mission:

Focused on health, fitness, and wellness, the Sports Performance, Health, and Fitness program provides information health risk factors, exercise regimens, nutrition and weight management, and the biomechanics of movement, physiological adaptations to exercise, injury prevention, and how to work with special population combined with general business, administrative and ethics topics.

Learning Outcomes for graduates:

Upon completion of the BS in Sports Performance, Health, and Fitness, students will:
1. Demonstrate skills and knowledge in the area of sports performance and fitness.
2. Identify and describe the key components of health-related fitness.
3. Design client-specific programs and make modifications based on assessment results.
4. Identify and describe how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of an exercise program for various populations.
5. Apply administrative skills, knowledge and understanding of planning, organizing, as well as evaluating various clients in sports performance and fitness.
6. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills in their interactions with various clients in sports performance and fitness
7. Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors, consistent with existing codes of conduct, laws, and regulations.

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