Professional Wrestler Teaches Sport Marketing

Written by Joe Cicchetto

Professional Wrestler Teaches Sport Marketing at St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University

By Karen Mountain, Ph.D.

Ash Walker holds a doctorate (DHSc.) in Health Sciences and is an Assistant Professor and Sports Performance, Health, and Fitness.   But he is not a shy man that hides behind a book.  He had a former career as a pro wrestler.   While Dr. Walker moved on to manage the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program of UNC Health Southeastern, and held the position of Regional Director at LSI, he states nothing was a better teacher of Marketing Principles than pro wrestling.  Dr. Walker, known as “The Genuine Article” in the wrestling world, portrays Marketing in realistic steps that are unique to the business he is working with.  He has helped a dentist and 3 time American Ninja Warrior competitor to become one of the successful businesses in Lumberton, N.C. creating a dental practice unlike no other.

So what makes this practice so special?   Each aspect of the dental business has a tie back to the health and wellness program of the dentist and her time training for the American Ninja Warrior seasons.  This capitalizes on the unique value proposition of being a ninja.   For example, the cavity free club is named the Ninja Smile Champions Club  To enhance the Ninja feel a special real life championship belt was made for kids to have their picture with if they have an excellent visit.  Pictures of Ninja Smile Champions appear on Lumber River Dental’s social media pages the championship belt.  The Ninja Smile Champions Club has evolved beyond kids.  Ash Walker has moved Lumber River Dental beyond a typical dental practice and into the ergonomics, health, and wellness spaces by using marketing strategy.  This includes fitness media, keynote speaking engagements, and product development consultation with other brands.  Can you imagine what the inside of the classroom is like in one of Dr. Walker’s courses?

Fun, engaging, and interactive come to mind in the name of learning.  St. Andrews University has other faculty with unique professional experiences that can guide you on your academic journey.  Contact our admissions team today.