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27 September 2018, 11:10 am Written by

Thursday, September 27th, 2018 | 11:00 AM


Internet and email services now operational


During the hurricane and the loss of power, the SAU website remained accessible as it was powered off campus.  However, when power was lost on campus, the internet and email service were down, and our telephones were not working so access other than through social media or other email accounts was difficult.


Now that power has been restored to most of the campus including the residence dorms and the Information Technology office is again operational, campus telephones are working, the internet and campus email system is functional and available via campus wifi (in most buildings) or by using your wireless service provider.


We want to remind those who may have been looking at or returning to the website for events or news updates that we continue to provide information such as the recently changed academic schedule.  Please use the navigation bar at the top of the web page to access all areas of our campus community.  Recent job postings for equestrian, communication studies and science positions are now posted under ABOUT and then scroll to employment.


A number of future planned events will need to be rescheduled, and those notices will be posted on the website, email and social media.


A completely revised academic calendar for this and next semester will be posted when it is finished.


And, a reminder that students are welcomed back on Sunday, Sept. 30, with classes beginning Monday, Oct.1.


John Calvin McNair Lecture Cancelled

27 September 2018, 11:55 am Written by

Thursday, September 27th, 2018 | 11:00 AM


The 2018 John Calvin McNair Lecture Series evening scheduled for Oct. 8 at St. Andrews University has been cancelled.  A future date, possibly in February or March of 2019, will be announced later.​





12 September 2018, 9:50 am Written by


Wednesday/12 Sept. 2018 

St. Andrews University continues to prepare for the hurricane/storm arrival:


  • Classes are suspended until Monday, Sept. 17, but the campus and residence buildings remain open and staffed with resident directors;  students will be accounted for as they leave or stay.  Meals will continue as regularly planned.


  • Physical Plant has made preparations to secure campus buildings in the event of heavy rain. 


  • Food Services has received extra deliveries of non-perishable food and water. 


  • Staff members have met with local authorities who have pledged support and assistance if needed. 


  • Athletic events have been cancelled EXCEPT football.  Football will leave campus a day earlier than planned. The game will be played Friday instead of Saturday afternoon in Georgetown, Ky. 


  • Residence Life Staff and Campus Safety officers are on duty and available to assist students. 


  • Dean of Students Dr. Verhey has announced that alumni have offered assistance and accommodations if students not leaving the campus would like to be their guests.  Contact him at 910.277.5145.


Updates will be available on our website and social media accounts as they develop or change.


12 September 2018, 8:12 pm Written by


Wednesday/12 Sept. 2018 8:00 PM

St. Andrews University continues to prepare for the hurricane/storm arrival:


  • 1.  Scotland County has instituted a curfew beginning tomorrow. The curfew will be enforced from 7 P.M. to 7 A.M.  

    The county has been notified that essential University operations will be ongoing.  Staff members reporting for or leaving work during the curfew hours should have a St. Andrews Parking decal on their vehicle and a St. Andrews employee ID card.  Please come to security on Thursday to obtain these items.  You’ll also be able to get a windshield placard identifying you as a St. Andrews employee. 


    The curfew does not take effect until 7 P.M. Thursday.



     2. If power is interrupted for an extended period, the university’s primary phone number will not work nor accessibility to our website or email.  If you cannot reach your son or daughter, please call the emergency campus number that will function as long as there is cellular coverage.  Security should be able to answer most questions and/or find the student to relay information.  That number is 910.280.2895.

     However, additional information about St. Andrews in the event of a power outage and storm information will be shared with Webber International University and posted on their website at  This will only happen if St. Andrews cannot post updates on our website at and social media sites. 



John Calvin McNair Lecture Series

10 September 2018, 12:14 pm Written by

St. Andrews University announces the 13th annual John Calvin McNair Lecture Series for Science and Theology to be held Oct. 8 in the William Belk Center Carol Grotnes Belk Main Room with dinner at 6 p.m. and the lecture at 7 p.m.

This year’s speaker is Jeffery L. Deal, MD, the author of an anthropology book on South Sudan and four novels, and who recently retired from his position as Director of Health Studies for Water Missions International.  He is presently the Senior Fellow in Public Health for the College of Charleston and the Department of Health Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Dr. Deal is a member of the London International Development Centre, a Fellow in the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons.  He holds Board Certification in Tropical Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery in the US.  He is also a member of the American Anthropological Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology.

A Land At the Centre of the World” (Markoulakis Publications), his ethnography of the Dinka Agaar of South Sudan, is now in its second edition with the third edition due out in late 2018.

In addition to writing fiction, his previous publications span the fields of microbiology, anthropology, global ethics, and surgery.  When not working in the field, he lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife of 41 years. 

Dr. Deal is keen to reflect on the ethical, social and theological critiques that inter-cultural work can bring to Western faith and medical commitments, particularly around treatment of body and soul, and the way various forms of Western “treatment” are challenged whey they encounter non-Western kinship.  His later work involves a deep wrestling with the philosophical and theological foundations of Western medicine from the vantage point of theological anthropology and ethics. 

He is an active member of a Baptist congregation in Charleston, SC, and he brings those commitments to bear on his work as a medical caregiver.

Dr. Deal’s topic is “What is a family?  Beyond Sex, Perspectives from South Sudan.”

The McNair lecture was established by the 1857 will of John Calvin McNair who asked that “the object of which lecture(s) shall be to show the mutual bearing of Science and Theology upon each other...”

The event is free but reservations are required and can be made at or 910.277.5025.

St. Andrews University is a branch of Webber International University located in Laurinburg, NC.  The University's mission is to offer students an array of business, liberal arts and sciences, and pre-professional programs of study that create a life transforming educational opportunity which is practical in its application, global in its scope, and multi-disciplinary in its general education core.—30—


Academic Calendar

27 September 2018, 3:30 pm Written by

Revised Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 now ready


Numerous changes were required to revise the Academic Calendar following the two-plus weeks missed because of the Hurricane Florence.


Below are just a few of the dates that are immediately pertinent to our campus from now through Commencement.  It is necessary that faculty, staff and students access the complete schedule that is available on by opening the navigation bar on the home page, choosing Academics and scrolling to Academic Calendar for the updated 2018-2019 calendar that is now effective.




Oct. 1                  Classes resume

(No fall break)

22                         mid-term grades

29                         first day of Demi 2


Nov. 5-16         Advisement period for Advanced Registration for Spring term 2019

21-25                 Thanksgiving break


Dec. 14               Last day of classes

17-21                 Final Exams

22                         Dorms close at 10 a.m.


Jan. 14-15        New student orientation

15                         Registration—Main Campus

16                         Classes begin


March 4             Mid-term grades

9-17                    Spring break


April 1-12        Advisement period for Advanced Registration for Fall term 2019

19-22                 Easter break


May 2                 Last day of classes

3                           Study day

4; 6-9                  Final exams

10                         Baccalaureate

11                         Commencement


10 September 2018, 12:20 pm Written by


Tuesday/11 Sept. 2018


St. Andrews University will be suspending all classes and campus activities effective Wednesday, 8 a.m.  Tuesday classes remain open.

All classes will resume Monday, Sept. 17, at 8 a.m.


This is not a mandatory evacuation for the campus, but students will need to exercise caution if staying on campus. Students remaining on campus must keep in touch with their Residence Directors during and following the storm and sign out with their Residence Director if they choose to leave campus. All Residence Directors will remain on campus throughout the week.


Dean of Students Dr. Verhey has indicated that a no alcohol on campus policy will be in effect beginning at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.


Unless otherwise notified, meals will be served at regular times in the cafeteria, including the 4thmeal in Knight Life on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.


Athletes who have scheduled games, etc., should be in touch with their coaches to determine if those schedules have been changed.  


All staff are expected to report to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, unless otherwise notified.  If there is a question, please contact your supervisor.


Unless there is a complete lack of power, updates will be available on email, the SAU website and social media as possible.​​


All-conference, all-academic, all-region student-athlete Kiah Cheatham doesn’t just love to read—she loves to “study vigorously whatever I do read.”  The undergraduate Communications major/Philosophy and Religious Studies minor at St. Andrews University draws energy from “meeting new people who come from different or similar backgrounds as mine.”  And as a non-denominational Christian, Kiah believes in “church outside church walls.”


How did this scholarly volleyball player from North Carolina wind up as a Miller Summer Youth Institute Intern in Pittsburgh this summer?  “One of my professors had visited PTS last fall and learned of the program. Upon returning, he noticed I was looking for vocation-forward internships that would challenge me while helping me discern my calling,” says Kiah.  “During my application interview, I discovered just how broad the internship would be—and I accepted the offer to come!”


Now, reflecting on her internship experience, Kiah notes, “I came to Pittsburgh with doubts, questions, and an open heart and mind. I was met with love, kindness, and individuals who shared similar doubts. They taught me not to shy away from those hard conversations about race, gender, or God’s call on my life. They allowed me to think critically and progressively.” She adds, “The availability of the PTS staff and faculty was exceptional.  Many of them shared coffee or a meal with me and wanted to hear about my vocational aspirations.”


During her internship, Kiah appreciated the opportunity to work with Open Hands ministry, which combats social injustice by helping low-income black families accumulate wealth via home ownership. In the future, she may want to do similar work.  But she also senses that God may instead be calling her to a position of greater influence, perhaps in the public policy sector to promote “a harmonious nation for all people.”  Toward the end, Kiah is considering PTS’s joint-degree program in public policy management with Carnegie Mellon University after she graduates from St. Andrews.


“SYI left me with some challenging questions but also with the desire and ability to find their answers on my own,” Kiah notes.  She adds, “My internship gave me the tools to discover my strengths. I learned that I am a critical, progressive thinker, that I’ve been blessed as an activator, and that I love to learn and collect knowledge. I also love to serve, and I believe that is what I am meant to do on this earth.”—30—


(This was published in Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s magazine Celebrations and written by Connie Tappy.  Ms. Cheatham was selected as an intern for the Summer Youth Institute program and was responsible for non-profit and mission group leadership in addition to studies on their campus.)


In a change from the normal St. Andrews University opening Convocation, a campus wide and community gathering on the first day of classes kicked off the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Usually the event is held during orientation week for new and transfer students along with parents who were still on campus followed by a picnic.  Discussions began earlier this year about a first-week convocation experience that would be open to all students and staff to attend the 11 a.m. gathering.

Classes on the first day, Aug. 21, were dismissed at 10.30 a.m. to allow for all faculty, staff and students to attend.

That decision proved to be successful as Harris Courts was filled with new students marching in, surrounded by hundreds of returning students, faculty, staff and community members including Scotland County Commissioner Carol McCall, Laurinburg Mayor pro tem Mary Jo Adams, Laurinburg Presbyterian Church pastor Rev. Rob Martin and NC House of Representatives 48th District member Garland Pierce.

Students began assembling on the causewalk led by Pipe Major Bill Caudill and escorted by University Marshall Dr. David Herr, Dr. Edna Ann Loftus, Academic Dean, and Mr. Loren Cornish, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Herr declared the Convocation to be in order.  The Rev. Dr. James R. Henery, Director of Communications and University Chaplain, led the invocation.  Dr. Loftus welcomed the students and community.

Student Government Association President Eduardo Andrade spoke to the students and challenged them to be active, involved and willing to make a difference as they begin their years on campus.

Dr. Loftus introduced the speaker, St. Andrews University President Paul Baldasare Jr., as one who has thoroughly invested himself in the life of St. Andrews.  Mr. Baldasare graduated with Honors from St. Andrews Presbyterian College in 1977 and went on to receive his J. D. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Law, 1980. After a career in law and higher education, he returned in 1997 to St. Andrews to serve as Vice President for Institutional Advancement (1997-2006) and was then chosen as President of St. Andrews in January 2007 and continues in that office today.

In his convocation speech titled “Challenge, Change and Call,” President Baldasare said, “In this time of challenge and change for you, we plan to help you think through what motivates your actions and animates you to change, to live outside the narrow confines of your own self-interest, and to find a direction in your life that leads to meaning and purpose.  How will the work you do here and the life you begin when you leave lead you to focus on something larger than yourself, something that holds meaning for you beyond your own comfort and self-satisfaction?”

He concluded:  “So, are you ready as students to begin the search, face the challenges, make changes and respond to your own personal calling in ways that lead you beyond the walls that separate you from each other and from the larger community?  And are we as a university prepared to take a few risks and act with a sense of urgency to introduce a new era of innovation and change that will make this good place even better and more responsive to the needs of our students and one another? I think you are, and I think we are.  So, let the journey begin on this day, the first day of the new academic year!”

Following the speech, Mr. Cornish began the Community Honor Code Ceremony having all new and transfer students sign pledge cards.

Mr. Sean Moore, Instructor of Music and Accompanist, Ms. Elizabeth Blair, Assistant Professor of Music, and choir members Phillip Alden, Gabriella Rhodes, Gabrielle Stephens and Jessica Doepp led the assembly in singing the Alma Mater.

A picnic lunch at Belk concluded the morning and classes resumed.


President Baldasare's Speech as a pdf

Professor Phillipson earns Doctorate

21 August 2018, 4:24 pm Written by

Kevin Phillipson Assistant Professor of Business, has completed his studies and dissertation at Wilmington University in Delaware and received his Doctor of Business Administration—DBA. His BS and MBA are also from Wilmington University.

  His paper is titled “A Critical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Business Networking Events and Recommendations for Improving the Networking Process.”

   In brief, this empirical study examines the perception held by small business owners and their representatives of the effectiveness of chamber of commerce networking events. Effectiveness was measured in terms of perceived increase in annual sales and customer count. The findings suggest that members of the chambers perceive these events to be above average in effectiveness, and they perceive their own networking skills as being effective.

  Dr. Phillipson adds, “Positive relationships were found between networking skills and perceived value of events, networking skills and number of events attended, and number of events attended and perceived value of events. Of the moderators examined (education, age, chamber region, gender, role in the company, and length of membership), none of them had a significant relationship with perceived networking skills. Only one moderator, region, showed a difference relative to perceived value of the events. The recommendation to chambers of commerce is to continue to offer networking events because members value them and continue to offer networking skills training. However, because a portion of respondents showed an interest in different types of events, exploring alternative formats should be considered.”

   Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Phillipson.  ​