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Dear Students, 

Congratulations on completing (or nearly completing) this long and challenging semester. I hope you all have a wonderful break, enjoying family, friends, and a lot of sleep. Over the holiday, we will be getting ready for your return in January. One change you will notice when you return is a new location for the Dining Hall. The small gym has been less than ideal this semester. So, over the break, we will be moving the mobile kitchen behind Belk (and hopefully getting an additional kitchen). Meals will be served in the Belk Main Room and Knight Life on the top floor of the Belk University Center. This will provide a bit nicer environment and also allow Pioneer Food Service to bring back some of the offerings—like rotisserie chicken—that have not been possible in the small gym. I am excited about this change and think it will be an improvement over what we have been doing this semester. 

On a more long term note, plans are moving along for the renovation of the Dining Hall, Mecklenburg Residence Hall, Morgan Jones, and the Art Studios. A variety of architectural firms have been on campus looking at the buildings in preparation for making bids on the projects. Before too long, the university will select from among these firms and they will begin the design work in preparation for construction to begin. Hopefully early next semester, we will have some drawings to show you of what these spaces will be like after the construction is complete. Then we will all watch with anticipation as construction begins! It will take a while, but I am excited about what the future holds! 

Have a great break! I look forward to welcoming you back to campus in the new year!


Timothy A. Verhey, Ph.D.
Dean of Students & Professor of Religious Studies and Philosophy
St. Andrews University 
A Branch of Webber International University 
1700 Dogwood Lane
Laurinburg, NC 28352

St. Andrews University senior Rina Suzuki (Japan) has been selected as a Circle Foundation for the Arts Affiliate Artist award for her works that are now being featured on the Circle Foundation’s website (  She was notified by Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, Circle Foundation Director, and received her certificate certifying her acceptance as an Affiliate Artist.

According to their website, Circle Foundation (Lyon France), is a platform for the active artist, orchestrating the development of a variety of visual arts projects.  Their goal is to provide a stage for the remarkable visual artist who can use this platform to publish, exhibit, win grants and awards, boost their resume and become established within a notable network.

Ms. Suzuki currently has five works on display and can be seen at

Additionally, as an Affiliate Artist she is competing for the CFA Artist of the Year 2018 Award that awards cash grants and publication on their art covers to three artists.  Sixty more artists will be awarded an Artist of the Year 2018 Certificate.  The results of this contest will be announced in late January.

Ms. Suzuki was born in Taiwan and raised in Japan to a family of artists. She is majoring in Visual and Performing Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art along with a minor in Gender Studies.  Her Art Professor is Ms. Stephanie McDavid.

"Since I was a kid, my family encouraged me to be involved in designing their art products, and I was self-taught until I started studying art in the United States.  My grandfather, who was a photographer/painter, influenced me to focus on water and water lilies.  The knowledge I have gained as a college student, especially in psychology, has provided many inspirational ideas for my artworks.  In June 2018 two of my paintings were selected for an online art exhibition, “Water,” organized by Colors of Humanity Art Gallery."

Ms. Suzuki adds, "As a poet expresses feelings in poetry, I reflect my thoughts in my artworks.  Visual art has been an instrument that allows me to communicate with people.  I sublimate private emotions, especially complex and suffocating feelings, into something stunning."


(Pictured below is the Certificate and one artwork titled “Closure.”)

St. Andrews students and faculty member Dr. Kevin Phillipson completed the necessary arrangements with Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. to be part of the prestigious wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.

This ceremony is memorial in purpose and patriotic in nature and conducted for nonpartisan patriotic groups only when permission is granted by the Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery.

The students will be in Washington, D.C. following Thanksgiving as they tour various sites.  Dr. Phillipson submitted a request for the Nov. 25 occasion and the 1.15 p.m. ceremony.  This experience is highly regarded and includes a number of regulated steps to be followed as printed in Arlington’s official guide.  The playing of Taps concludes the service.

The trip was planned by the International Student Club whose president is Akie Fukuda, vice president Sakurako Fujino and adviser Dr. Phillipson.   They will be leaving for Washington, D.C. on Nov. 23 and returning Nov. 25.​

St. Andrews University and campus does not need any more rain but that is a plot point within the romantic comedy, “The Rainmaker,” along with a smooth-talking con man who says he can produce rain within 24 hours for a mere $100.

Cinny Beggs, theatre director, selected this Broadway play that became a movie in 1956 starring movie greats Katherine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster.

According to Ms. Beggs, “I chose this play last summer because of its themes of hope, love and belief.  I often think our young people today don’t have the confidence to express themselves, to share with others what is important in their lives. Their communication skills have been reduced to abbreviations and emojis—which is a limiting format—instead of the spoken word, proving to cause anxiety and insecurity.  I wanted to illustrate that most personal problems are universal, but can be overcome with communication and involvement with the community, with belief and trust that whatever is bothering you will eventually pass.”  

Her cast includes students Matt Fletcher, Eduardo Andrade, Jack Medlock, Kylie Morgan, Nate Rivas-Blackwell and Daryn Friedman.

Playwright N. Richard Nash was very intuitive about the relationships between the characters, and the love and familial bond becomes most evident at the end.  Ms. Beggs says this play has been ignored and is now coming back into the forefront of produced works for many theatres, including schools, with a theme that will leave the audience feeling uplifted because any situation can be remedied with belief, communication and love. 

“The Rainmaker” plays Thursday (Nov. 8) and Friday (Nov. 9) in the Morris Morgan Theatre in the Liberal Arts building, 7:30 p.m. and Saturday (Nov. 10) at 2 p.m.  Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the door one-half hour prior to curtain. ​


Photo:  l-r:  Matt Fletcher, Eduardo Andrade, Nate Rivas-Blackwell.​

(St. Andrews graduate Caeland Garner ’08 recently competed on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice and his audition captured the attention and selection of coach Blake Shelton and will continue on in the competition.  The following story appeared in the Greensboro News & Report, written by Kim Mills, and is reprinted with permission.)


   Caeland Garner of Coleridge was chosen to be on the NBC singing competition "The Voice" on Tuesday night.

   The Randolph County native sang his own version of the 1972 hit by King Harvest called "Dancing in the Moonlight."

   Coaches Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson turned their chairs for Garner, meaning they were in the running to be chosen as Garner's coach.  "I started thinking, 'Man, I want to buy this guy's version of that song,'" Shelton said.

   "I'm a fan of your voice ... it's just a beautiful instrument, so I had to turn my chair in hopes that you would come to Team J Hud," Hudson said.

   Garner responded by saying, "This is just a dream come true, coming from a small town, knowing that big dreams are possible."

   Garner also said that Red Marlow, a member of Team Blake in Season 13, is one of his closest friends. Marlow talked Garner into moving to Nashville to pursue his music career.

   When it was time to pick a coach, Garner said, "I thank y'all, all, seriously from the bottom of my heart, but I'm gonna have to pick Blake Shelton."

"Caeland has got a voice that if you heard it on the radio, you'd instantly know who it is," Shelton said of his new team member.

   Full episodes are available for viewing online. Check out Garners episode at


(Carolina, the Garner and Harris duo, will be performing at the N.C. State Fair on the Bluegrass Stage in Heritage Circle (near the Village of Yesteryear) Oct. 15­-25. Follow Carolina on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @chrisandcaeland.)