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[St. Andrews University, a branch of Webber International University, was among one of the 33 teams that achieved Scholar All-America status for the first time. To receive this honor, the team is required to obtain a 3.0 or higher GPA for the fall semester.  Information about this recognition was provided by the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America news release.]

   The College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) Colorado Springs, CO, has selected a record 713 teams from 460 institutions to the Scholar All-America Team for the Fall 2018 semester.  The teams were selected by the CSCAA’s Scholar All-America committee on the basis of their Fall grade point averages and represent 16,502 student-athletes.  

   Thirty-three teams achieved Scholar All-America status for the first time, reflecting the continued growth of swimming and diving.  “The narrative is that swimming and diving is on the decline, but in reality, colleges and universities have added 100 teams since 2015,” according to CSCAA Executive Director Greg Earhart.  “Presidents and athletic directors recognize that swimmers and divers are excellent students and ambassadors for their institutions.”

   Liberty University (Division I) had the highest GPA of all women’s teams.  The Flames earned an average GPA of 3.79.  Among men’s programs, MIT (Division III) took the top spot with a 3.78. 
   Women’s divisional leaders included Biola (3.72) and Saint Catherine’s (3.75) in Division II and III respectively. SCAD-Savannah (3.61) and Indian River (3.45) were tops among NAIA and NJCAA women’s programs. 
   For the men, Grand Canyon (3.68) repeated last Fall’s ranking as the top Division I men’s program.  In Division II Bridgeport led the way with a 3.72.  Like the women, SCAD-Savannah’s men (3.48) were number one among NAIA programs (which includes St. Andrews). Iowa Central (3.10) topped the NJCAA.  
   Teams excelled both in the school and the pool with 89% of teams in the CSCAA TYR Top 25 earning the honor.  Those teams included the top-ranked California men (3.05), Texas women (3.55), Queens (NC) women (3.63), Indianapolis men (3.34) and Denison men (3.26) and women (3.31). 
   To earn the honor, teams with student-athletes were required to post a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the fall semester.

   St. Andrews men’s roster includes Brandon Williams ’22, Caden Wendelin ’21, Jack Vincent ’22, Jamal Walling ’22, Nolan Walling ’22 and Quentin Cooper, ’20.  The women’s roster includes Chiara Knebelkamp ’20, Erica Hocum ’21 and Jaidi Dubose ’22.

   Both teams are coached by head coach Taylor Cooper and assistant coach Kurt Wohlrab.

   St. Andrews University announces three major curriculum additions to their growing list of majors and degrees beginning with the fall 2019 term.  They are:  Bachelor of Science in Biology with Specialization in Biomedical Sciences;  Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management;  Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy.

   According to Dr. John Knesel, Natural and Life Sciences Department Chair, “We are pleased to be able to offer a more focused major to the increasing number of students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.”  A Bachelor of Science in Biology Specialization in Biomedical Sciences will better equip and more clearly focus those students whose primary interests lie in professional programs, e.g., medical schools, as well as programs in the allied health fields. 

   Dr. Knesel lists some of the learning outcomes as:  demonstrate proficiency in biological science commensurate with national undergraduate standards;  understand scientific methodology and being able to employ it in a practical setting;  conduct experiments or making observations in the laboratory or field;  analyze data, formulate hypotheses and draw conclusions.

   Courses will include Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Organic Chemistry, all with accompanying labs, plus junior and senior seminars.

   The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy program is designed to provide students interested in the Physical Therapy profession with a clearly delineated undergraduate curriculum that meets all the course requirements for admission to graduate Physical Therapy programs.  The curriculum design follows the recommendations of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) as well as the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) guidelines.

   Dr. Edna Ann Loftus, Academic Dean, says, “While St. Andrews graduates have been admitted to graduate programs in Physical Therapy through our current range of majors, this new interdisciplinary studies major has been designed specifically to prepare students for the Physical Therapy profession.  The St. Andrews program is unique as it combines strong preparation in the sciences with courses in Health Services Administration designed to acquaint students with various aspects of the health care profession.  This feature of the program will enable students to develop leadership and management skills essential to advancement in the Physical Therapy profession.”

   Student learning outcomes for the program include demonstrating proficiency in biological science with an emphasis on the structure and function of the human body;  understanding scientific methodology and be able to employ this methodology in a variety of practical settings;  being introduced to the structure and management of the American healthcare system;  completing a research project that includes 15-20 volunteer hours in a clinical setting meeting APTA standards

   The degree in Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management is a change from what was known as Sports and Recreation Study.  Ms. Pebbles Turbeville, Sport Management Program Chair, said, “We updated the Sport Management curriculum so students have more sports specific information and concepts about the field that can be applied in a variety of positions in the multi-billion dollar sport industry.”

   Changes to learning outcomes include students being able to:  describe and explain the components of the sport management industry such as careers, marketing, risk management, leadership as well as financial and economics principles;  demonstrate skills and knowledge in the area of sport management through internships, practicums or guided independent studies;  apply administrative skills, knowledge and understanding of planning, organizing, as well as evaluating various sporting events and programs.

   Future careers in sport management could be realized in the areas of amateur sports (clubs, youth, college), event management, facility management, ticketing, media, manufacturers and products, retail, sport travel, game operations and community relations.

   New sport management courses will add sport marketing (such as consumers, markets, strategies, sponsorship, as well as products, pricing and promotion) sport funding and finance, sport economics, sport leadership and sport communication including social media.

   Additional information and admissions materials are available from the Admissions Office by calling 910.277.5555 or accessing the university website at

   {St. Andrews University is a branch of Webber International University located in Laurinburg, NC.  The University's mission is to offer students an array of business, liberal arts and sciences, and pre-professional programs of study that create a life transforming educational opportunity which is practical in its application, global in its scope, and multi-disciplinary in its general education core.  Students will acquire depth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study, balanced by breadth of knowledge across various disciplines.  Special emphasis is placed on enhancing oral and written communication, and critical thinking skills.

   The university awards degrees at the bachelor and master levels at locations in Florida and North Carolina, as well as at the associate level in Florida.  Traditional classroom, online, and hybrid learning environments are available.  Opportunities exist for students to draw on the courses and programs of study at both locations through online courses and/or periods of residence at either campus.}—30—


Scotland County’s recent United Way campaign realized their goal of $280,000 and St. Andrews was not only a positive contributor, but Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez, Assistant Dean of Students, served as the co-chair for the annual campaign. SAU Pledges increased by 32% from 2018 to 2019 and was the highest amount raised by SAU since 2008.

Additionally, St Andrews students and staff provided over 132 hours of service through the United Way in 2018.

United Way supports positive change through 26 impact programs at 18 local nonprofit agencies. Contributions stay local and touch the lives of two out of three residents in Scotland County.

Dr. Hernandez said in the UW website, “We had a great time completing the challenges but most of all, we enjoyed the time spent with our small business owners. It gave us a chance to discuss and remind everyone what the United Way is all about. We really lived United with each other and the small business owners that day." (photo provided by United Way: Liz Hernandez in the second row, second from the right)

IHSA Western Coach Carla Wennberg was awarded the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual board meeting in Florida.  The IHSA Lifetime Achievement Award began in 1993 to honor members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, commitment and exemplary service to the association. 

She joins a long list of outstanding horsemen and women who have been recognized by IHSA for their selfless commitment to the organization.

These include St. Andrews Director of Equestrian Programs, Peggy McElveen, who earned the award in 2017. 

“I was surprised to receive this award,“ Wennberg said. “I think of it in the same light as being a Professional Horseman in AQHA.  All about giving back--at a regional, semifinal and national level.  Serving as a steward and providing horses helps the association enormously.  I have served as the liaison for IHSA with AQHA and I think the organization needed that.  I am just trying to help the association be better and better every year.  I think that is why my colleagues voted for me this year.”  

Previous winners are IHSA legends, and Wennberg joins their ranks as someone who knows how to make a difference in the lives of young riders. 

Alex Varisco ’18, St. Andrews Director of Alumni Relations and a four-year equestrian said, “I cannot think of a more deserving leader for this accomplishment.  Not only is she a devoted coach and professor at St. Andrews, but she also serves as a valuable mentor and friend to many.  Always going the extra mile to help others, undoubtedly her selfless dedication helps make the IHSA a great learning environment for the students, coaches and horses alike.  Along with her judging experience, Carla’s knowledge and professional achievements are invaluable to the St. Andrews Equestrian Program; it will only continue to grow with her great leadership.” 

Wennberg has been an equestrian faculty staff member since 2006, coming to St. Andrews following her coaching at the University of Georgia.  She said, “Coaching for St. Andrews has been an education in itself.  Mainly because we grew a program of a few students wanting to ride western, with Peggy helping them before I came, to a barn full of western horses.  We had nothing really when I came.  We used my equipment, rode hunt seat horses, just made it happen.  It took two years of begging for donations for Peggy to decide to build me a barn.  I have been so lucky to have so many trainers around the country to donate nice horses and equipment to our program.  I could not have done any of this without Peggy and her guidance.  It's been a great journey as I have had so many hungry students who wanted to work hard and find success.  I have enjoyed and grown as a person and especially as a coach.  Our goals are always to qualify for Nationals, but the journey is what I live for.

{St. Andrews University is a branch of Webber International University located in Laurinburg, NC.  The University's mission is to offer students an array of business, liberal arts and sciences, and pre-professional programs of study that create a life transforming educational opportunity which is practical in its application, global in its scope, and multi-disciplinary in its general education core.  Students will acquire depth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study, balanced by breadth of knowledge across various disciplines.  Special emphasis is placed on enhancing oral and written communication, and critical thinking skills.}


 (photo contributed;  content by Equestrian instructor/coach Ms. Jackie Dwelle and Dr. J. Henery)


Graduating Seniors, MBA's and Parents

21 December 2018, 4:00 pm Written by

Because of Hurricane Florence and our almost three-week late fall semester conclusion, the spring semester is also starting one week later (Jan. 16) which has moved Commencement to one week later, now scheduled for May 11 (a Saturday) and Baccalaureate for May 10 (a Friday).  These changes were communicated in late September and students were notified.

We have recently learned that a major concert is also scheduled in nearby Rockingham for the same weekend and hotels are already being booked.  For example, most rooms in Laurinburg are already reserved.

If you haven’t reserved rooms for Commencement, you can click on the link below to hotels and a complete listing of most accommodations in Scotland and Richmond County, Aberdeen/Southern Pines/Pinehurst, Lumberton and a few South Carolina locations are provided.

The local Hampton has been closed since the hurricane and will probably reopen in late March or April but has not been taking reservations until closer to reopening.  That could be a possibility.


Listing of Hotels in the Area



Dear Students, 

Congratulations on completing (or nearly completing) this long and challenging semester. I hope you all have a wonderful break, enjoying family, friends, and a lot of sleep. Over the holiday, we will be getting ready for your return in January. One change you will notice when you return is a new location for the Dining Hall. The small gym has been less than ideal this semester. So, over the break, we will be moving the mobile kitchen behind Belk (and hopefully getting an additional kitchen). Meals will be served in the Belk Main Room and Knight Life on the top floor of the Belk University Center. This will provide a bit nicer environment and also allow Pioneer Food Service to bring back some of the offerings—like rotisserie chicken—that have not been possible in the small gym. I am excited about this change and think it will be an improvement over what we have been doing this semester. 

On a more long term note, plans are moving along for the renovation of the Dining Hall, Mecklenburg Residence Hall, Morgan Jones, and the Art Studios. A variety of architectural firms have been on campus looking at the buildings in preparation for making bids on the projects. Before too long, the university will select from among these firms and they will begin the design work in preparation for construction to begin. Hopefully early next semester, we will have some drawings to show you of what these spaces will be like after the construction is complete. Then we will all watch with anticipation as construction begins! It will take a while, but I am excited about what the future holds! 

Have a great break! I look forward to welcoming you back to campus in the new year!


Timothy A. Verhey, Ph.D.
Dean of Students & Professor of Religious Studies and Philosophy
St. Andrews University 
A Branch of Webber International University 
1700 Dogwood Lane
Laurinburg, NC 28352