Hal McLamb

Hal McLamb

IHSA Western Coach Carla Wennberg was awarded the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual board meeting in Florida.  The IHSA Lifetime Achievement Award began in 1993 to honor members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, commitment and exemplary service to the association. 

She joins a long list of outstanding horsemen and women who have been recognized by IHSA for their selfless commitment to the organization.

These include St. Andrews Director of Equestrian Programs, Peggy McElveen, who earned the award in 2017. 

“I was surprised to receive this award,“ Wennberg said. “I think of it in the same light as being a Professional Horseman in AQHA.  All about giving back--at a regional, semifinal and national level.  Serving as a steward and providing horses helps the association enormously.  I have served as the liaison for IHSA with AQHA and I think the organization needed that.  I am just trying to help the association be better and better every year.  I think that is why my colleagues voted for me this year.”  

Previous winners are IHSA legends, and Wennberg joins their ranks as someone who knows how to make a difference in the lives of young riders. 

Alex Varisco ’18, St. Andrews Director of Alumni Relations and a four-year equestrian said, “I cannot think of a more deserving leader for this accomplishment.  Not only is she a devoted coach and professor at St. Andrews, but she also serves as a valuable mentor and friend to many.  Always going the extra mile to help others, undoubtedly her selfless dedication helps make the IHSA a great learning environment for the students, coaches and horses alike.  Along with her judging experience, Carla’s knowledge and professional achievements are invaluable to the St. Andrews Equestrian Program; it will only continue to grow with her great leadership.” 

Wennberg has been an equestrian faculty staff member since 2006, coming to St. Andrews following her coaching at the University of Georgia.  She said, “Coaching for St. Andrews has been an education in itself.  Mainly because we grew a program of a few students wanting to ride western, with Peggy helping them before I came, to a barn full of western horses.  We had nothing really when I came.  We used my equipment, rode hunt seat horses, just made it happen.  It took two years of begging for donations for Peggy to decide to build me a barn.  I have been so lucky to have so many trainers around the country to donate nice horses and equipment to our program.  I could not have done any of this without Peggy and her guidance.  It's been a great journey as I have had so many hungry students who wanted to work hard and find success.  I have enjoyed and grown as a person and especially as a coach.  Our goals are always to qualify for Nationals, but the journey is what I live for.

{St. Andrews University is a branch of Webber International University located in Laurinburg, NC.  The University's mission is to offer students an array of business, liberal arts and sciences, and pre-professional programs of study that create a life transforming educational opportunity which is practical in its application, global in its scope, and multi-disciplinary in its general education core.  Students will acquire depth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study, balanced by breadth of knowledge across various disciplines.  Special emphasis is placed on enhancing oral and written communication, and critical thinking skills.}


 (photo contributed;  content by Equestrian instructor/coach Ms. Jackie Dwelle and Dr. J. Henery)


Hurricane Michael Update

10 October 2018, 11:06 am
Dear St. Andrews University community,
It is hard to believe, given what we have recently endured, that another hurricane is bearing down on the Florida panhandle and will bring more rain to eastern North Carolina. Rest assured, our maintenance staff is preparing for the storm and the administration is closely following the progress of Hurricane Michael. 
At this point we are convinced that, while we are likely to experience significant rain and wind Thursday night, there is no imminent danger to our facilities, students, faculty, or staff.  We do not intend to cancel classes, evacuate campus, or make any changes to our normal schedule.
We will, however, continue to monitor the progress of the storm and inform every one of any changes in our response to Hurricane Michael.  As a reminder, please make sure you are signed into our Nixel alert system on your cell phone, which will be useful in the event we lose power.  Our highest priority remains, as always, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.
Paul Baldasare, President 

2018 Graduation Video is Out!

30 May 2018, 3:50 pm